Still doing great!!

Inola is a wonderful foster!!  He hasn't had one "accident" in the house (he is also starting to understand "do you need to go outside?"). 

He gets along great with our 2 dogs (Greyhound & Italian Greyhound). 

We took a trip to the park yesterday and he simply loved it.  The car ride went smoothly and he is really starting to get comfortable going for walks on a leash. 

Over the weekend he started showing interest in toys and today he actually took a "squeaky" toy in his mouth and had a ball squeaking it!! 

He has the cutest habit of laying on the floor in front of either me or my husband and "pawing" at us as if to say "I love you"--I'm trying to get a good picture of this.

In short he will make a wonderful Greyhound for whoever adopts this gorgeous boy.