New home

In my previous post, I said "who could resist this sweet boy's charms"...obviously, my husband and I were not immune!!  :P

After fostering Inola for two weeks, we decided that we just couldn't give him up.  He has completely taken over our home, but other than that, he's been an absolute joy. :D  He's so pretty and everyone already thinks he's a girl, so we had to rename him to something alittle more 'boyish'...he's now known as Cody (but honestly he comes to any name).  ;)

He plays with the toys and has claimed the recliner as his own (even though he doesn't fit in it)!  He gets along great with his new sisters (Callie & Tiny).  He waits nicely while we put down his food and often falls asleep while laying on the couch with his head on my lap.  I've even caught him taking up half of the couch while laying on his back.  He playfully paws at you to get a chest's so cute.  :)

Here are some photos: