New home

In my previous post, I said "who could resist this sweet boy's charms"...obviously, my husband and I were not immune!!  :P

After fostering Inola for two weeks, we decided that we just couldn't give him up.  He has completely taken over our home, but other than that, he's been an absolute joy. :D  He's so pretty and everyone already thinks he's a girl, so we had to rename him to something alittle more 'boyish'...he's now known as Cody (but honestly he comes to any name).  ;)

He plays with the toys and has claimed the recliner as his own (even though he doesn't fit in it)!  He gets along great with his new sisters (Callie & Tiny).  He waits nicely while we put down his food and often falls asleep while laying on the couch with his head on my lap.  I've even caught him taking up half of the couch while laying on his back.  He playfully paws at you to get a chest's so cute.  :)

Here are some photos: 



"I'm ready for my close-up"

I picked up Inola last night and boy was he happy to see that he had two pretty greyhound girls as his new foster sisters!  Inola had been here one night previously...I'm not sure if he remembered, but he seemed to settle in very quickly.  He immediately took to my husband and was demanding butt-scratches before the night was over.  :P  He's a lover and likes to give kisses.  Check out those piercing eyes...who could resist this sweet boy's charms?!


First Meet & Greet

Inola went to his first Meet & Greet today (he was awesome). We were at Petsmart for just over two hours and had the opportunity to talk to quite a few people about the wonderful world of Greyhounds. Inola was a big hit, everyone kept saying what a handsome boy he is. He didn't meet a stranger (he was happy to greet everyone that came by), he even tried to "go home" with a few people.

We all had a great time and were ready for a nap when it was time to go. Inola decided to simply lie down on the floor (not the blanket) and close his eyes for a few minutes.

We're already looking forward to next month (the third Saturday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm @ the Petsmart in Valdosta, Ga).

Can't wait for fireworks tomorrow night!!

It's almost the 4th!!  Inola will get to see fireworks for the first time, we assume he hasn't seen them before. 

Inola is still going strong, he now thinks he's a lap dog.  Whenever I'm sitting on the couch he thinks he's supposed to be sitting with me.  He can't get more than the front half of his body in my lap, but he certainly tries. 

He's really great with children, my husband and I have a 8 month old who gets a kick out of petting the "doggie".  Inola just stands there and let's the baby pet him for as long as needed. 

Inola is also excited about going to his first Meet & Greet on July 18th (10:00 am to 12:00 pm) at the Petsmart in Valdosta, Ga--come by and meet him (you'll fall in love with him)!!

He has certainly adjusted to living in a home extremely well, we'll miss him when he's adopted. 


Great at telling time!

Inola has an excellent internal alarm clock!!  He has an uncanny ability to tell when it's time for the alarm clock to go off.

Thus far his track record  is popping into the bedroom 0-3 minutes before the clock goes off (I feel pretty sure that even if the electricity went off he would make sure we got to work on time).

He is still doing great (he simply must walk pretty much attached to me whenever we go outside for a walk) and he looks at us as though he simply loves us (of course he does this to just about everyone he meets).

He loves to play (he will lay down on the floor in the living room and paw at us as though he is asking us to come on down and paw back at him).

He will truly make a wonderful Greyhound for anyone who adopts him.

Another Great Week :-)

Inola is still doing great.  He is getting more comfortable with toys each day (as long as it squeaks he's all for it)!!

He doesn't seem to have a favorite (all toys are good).

He is still getting along well with our other dogs (a couple of nights ago he and the Italian Greyhound were playing, pawing at each other, on the living room floor).

He is such a handsome boy and extremely loving (he is truely a velcro dog).

He has no problem going into his crate each night at bedtime and seems to be learning what "let's go to bed" means.

He honestly is a great Greyhound.

Still doing great!!

Inola is a wonderful foster!!  He hasn't had one "accident" in the house (he is also starting to understand "do you need to go outside?"). 

He gets along great with our 2 dogs (Greyhound & Italian Greyhound). 

We took a trip to the park yesterday and he simply loved it.  The car ride went smoothly and he is really starting to get comfortable going for walks on a leash. 

Over the weekend he started showing interest in toys and today he actually took a "squeaky" toy in his mouth and had a ball squeaking it!! 

He has the cutest habit of laying on the floor in front of either me or my husband and "pawing" at us as if to say "I love you"--I'm trying to get a good picture of this.

In short he will make a wonderful Greyhound for whoever adopts this gorgeous boy.

Inola is Incredible

Inola is so sweet and calm you would hardly know he is here except that he will often get up from his resting place and come say hello.  He looks deep into your eyes with his beautiful dark eyes as if to say I love you and I hope you still love me.  After a few reassuring pets and neck rubs, he goes back and lays down for a little while longer.  He loves everyone and wants to be your best friend.


He has PERFECT potty habits.  He has been here 6 days and has not had one accident or have to be corrected in any way.  Since he has been so good, we leave him uncrated except at night and when we leave the house and he is simply wonderful.  We are so proud of him.


Inola does get a little nervous when we take him for walks in a new area.  After a few days, he has started to walk better on the leash.  Everything is interesting and new to him and he wants to take it all in.


Inola has learned to go up and down stairs in record time.  He only had to be shown twice and already he is a pro.  What a smart and incredibly beautiful boy and such a pleasure to have in our home.   Once you meet him, you can't help but fall in love with him.