Cuda has been just perfect. He is so gentle and loving and doesn't mind being hugged around the neck or close to his face. He enjoys his toys and plays well with them; he's sometimes vocal with them but only in a playful way. He's so cute and funny when he plays. This sweet boy loves people so much and shows no fear with anyone. He's been good around the labradors on the compound and does fine with all the dogs he's encountered - loves them all. Cuda is a good dog, so very loving and smart. He will forever have a place in his handlers' hearts. He is going to bring his forever family tons of love and fun.


Cuda has had a good, happy week. He knows all his commands and continues to practice them, particularly down, which needs just a little more work. He's also responding to lap and doing really well with it. He's a lovable dog. No matter how long either of his handlers is away, 10 minutes or two hours, he greets them in the same way as if they've been gone for days! They just love him so much.


Cuda is so sweet and gentle. He shows no aggression and doesn't seem to mind anything. He can be frisky, too. When he gets around the other greyhounds, his tail starts wagging and he has this look in his eye that says he's ready to play! This sweet boy loves toys and plays with them nicely.  He's also quite curious and nosy as well as very smart. He's doing well on his commands and especially watches for hand signals, though he knows the verbal commands, too. Cuda's handler will miss him so much but knows he has succeeded in what he came for and will do well in his forever home. He'll make his family very happy.


This awesome hound's lovable and playful personality is coming out more and more. Cuda grabs his handlers' hearts every day. He's so cute when he looks at you, seeking affection. He spends time split between two handlers in next door dorms, and when he gets back to each dorm every time, everybody has to be greeted; he leans into each person and looks up with his big eyes saying "I missed you. Give me love!" He knows all his basic commands and is currently practicing advanced heel with a verbal command; he responds already to the hand signal. He takes the stairs without any difficulty. "Shake" still needs work: he knows the command, but at the moment just responds to it when he's lying down! They're working on getting him to shake when he's standing up. Grooming goes really well. He stands still for bathing and is calm while nails are clipped and ears are cleaned. He does try to eat the toothpaste when you clean his teeth. Cuda loves everybody and thinks everyone should love him! He's full of love and joy.


Once again it's been a great week with HS Cuda. He is everything you would want in a dog. He's doing all his commands and is getting better at his down/stay. He's very sweet and shows no aggression. He plays nicely with his toys and loves the squeakies. This boy no longer jumps on you as he did when he first arrived. His smile is the cutest thing ever. Cuda does great in the laundry where his handler works and listens well to her co-workers. He's fine with other dogs, including the labs and gets on great with everyone. He's a very good boy who will do well as a house pet. His handler enjoys showering him with love and knows his new family will, too.


Cuda is such a sweet, loving dog. He's doing really well with his commands. He's working on sit/stay and down/stay and this weekend he did a wonderful stay for his food, not moving until his handler said OK. He's a really good boy, and if he's wandering off and you call him, he comes right back. This hound is silly when playing with a toy, like a big cat playing. His handler loves feeding time in the mornings because he's so happy and smiling. When you walk Cuda, she says, he will lean his head against your leg and look up at you with his big loving eyes. Cuda will make a great pet; he'll listen and love his new family in response to the love they give him.


Cuda's handler is so proud of how far he has come this past week. He is now doing a sit and working to respond faster on his stay and wait commands. He knows all the basics and just needs more practice on a couple of them. His jumping up in excitement has also improved a lot. This hound is very sweet and affectionate. Do not be put off if he starts to show his teeth when excited; he is really just happy and smiling, says his handler! He loves to smile. He wags his tail the whole time he's around the staff and does great with everyone. Cuda spends time every week in the laundry with one of his handlers and all the noise and commotion doesn't worry him one bit. He lies right down and relaxes. The coming week will be spent further perfecting his commands.


Cuda is such a sweet dog. He's responding well to here with his newly given name and is working well on sit, wait and down. Wait and down are going really well. With sit, it's as if he knows what his handler wants but he ends up bowing at the moment. It seems it hasn't hit his brain to bend his back legs! It's going to click with him any day now. His handler loves watching him at morning time when he comes out of his kennel, or when he's been next door and he sees her for the first time - he will smile and get all happy. She wishes she could take a picture of it for his new family.

First Impressions - 5/19/13

Although it is early on, Cuda's handlers can already tell he's going to be a great dog. As soon as they got him, his tail was wagging and he was showering them with love. This happy boy has done fine with the other greyhounds. He appears to be very smart and is learning quickly. His wait command is already where it needs to be. It is so cute when Cuda smiles; it almost looks like the start of a growl, his teeth showing, but he's really trying to smile! He does it most when he's getting excited and playful. He's very good in his kennel and doesn't bark, showing very good manners for a two year old. This boy has a sweet spirit and shows lots of affection to everybody.