What a Sweetie!!

Ms. Kensie has escaped from prison and is staying with me until we find her forever family!  She is such a sweetie and wants nothing more than to play, eat, have fun, and please her humans.  

Here is a quick picture I took of her last night sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor.  She will sit if you look at her, with anticipation, of course, of getting a treat. She is very smart!!


Kensie attended her first Meet and Greet this past weekend as we were at the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival.  One of the "kissing Wenches" who was there promoting the Georgia Renaissance Festival came by and kissed her leaving her mark on Kensie's cheek.  She was such a trouper.  We were there for two days from 8-5:30 the first day and 10-5 the second and she did just super at meeting and greeting the people.   She loves children and loves the attention.  Who doesn't?


She is getting along famously with my three female Greyhounds and has conquered the backyard with no problems.  I suspect since we'll be home all weekend that Lucy (one of mine) will have time to truly teach Kensie the art of squirrel hunting.  I hope to get some video over the weekend so stayed tuned for more adventures with Kensie!!