What a Sweetie!!

Ms. Kensie has escaped from prison and is staying with me until we find her forever family!  She is such a sweetie and wants nothing more than to play, eat, have fun, and please her humans.  

Here is a quick picture I took of her last night sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor.  She will sit if you look at her, with anticipation, of course, of getting a treat. She is very smart!!


Kensie attended her first Meet and Greet this past weekend as we were at the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival.  One of the "kissing Wenches" who was there promoting the Georgia Renaissance Festival came by and kissed her leaving her mark on Kensie's cheek.  She was such a trouper.  We were there for two days from 8-5:30 the first day and 10-5 the second and she did just super at meeting and greeting the people.   She loves children and loves the attention.  Who doesn't?


She is getting along famously with my three female Greyhounds and has conquered the backyard with no problems.  I suspect since we'll be home all weekend that Lucy (one of mine) will have time to truly teach Kensie the art of squirrel hunting.  I hope to get some video over the weekend so stayed tuned for more adventures with Kensie!!


Jayme is a sweet, high energy girl. She loves to play with toys. The more the better and if she can't find one she'll make one, be it a rock or a sock. Nothing startles this girl and she is very friendly and outgoing. She is flexible and adapts quickly to new environments. She has no sleep startle issues or separation anxiety. She loves the baby pool and is in doggy heaven when you throw some toys in the water with her. She will bring joy and laughter into her forever home.


Jayme is full of life. As her graduation draws near, her trainer is working on keeping her attention. She responds great to verbal correction and establishing who's the boss. If you let her know what you want she will do what is expected of her. She of course can be bought with treats, as she loves to eat. She will even try to convince you that she hasn't eaten even though you just fed her.


Jayme enjoyed her weekend trainer swap. She has no separation anxiety and adjusted beautifully to all the new people and places. She definitely does not mind crowds or noise, she just doesn't want to miss a thing. She is very cute when she picks out her toys to play with. She will dig through all the toys until she finds the exact one that she is looking for. She is very trusting and is good company to be around. She is like a little duckling following her trainer everywhere.


Jayme loves to play with toys and prance around with them. She teases the other dogs with the toys and refuses to share. She loves to be the center of attention and has a very outgoing personality. Her flexibility with other trainers is outstanding. She is very approachable and friendly and would make a great meet and greet ambassador. This dog is full of energy and lives to please. Her training progress continues to impress her trainer daily. Our little flower child definitely sees the world with rose colored glasses.


Jayme is a creatively playful girl. She can make a game out of anything and uses any object as a toy. This class clown loves to be the center of attention and tends to show off. Her fun loving nature can bring a smile to anyone's face. She is doing great with her training and is currently working on her sit/stay. Her heel is advanced for her level. This sweet, adorable girl is seeking a forever home that can appreciate a good sense of humor and participate in her antics.


Miss Jayme is very outgoing and personable. She has never met a person that she doesn't like. This girl definitely sees the world with rose colored glasses. Our little flower child tends to find something new in her world everyday. She is energetic and she loves to play and explore. She loves the other big dogs but still has to learn to share toys with them. She is heeling great on a leash and sitting on command. She does tend to get distracted easily due to her curiosity and friendliness.


Jayme had a great week and has been crowned student of the week. She has made great strides in her training. She has become proficient in the here, bed, wait, & kennel and is very close to being signed off in the sit and heel commands. She will even trade her beloved squeaky toys for a treat. What a good girl! She is very social and loves people and other large dogs. This dog would make anyone a great companion.


Jayme is the social butterfly of the group. She loves to visit with everyone and is interested in all activities whether they include her or not. Nothing phases this girl she does fine with crowds and noises. She loves going for walks and heels quite well. She knows her kennel and bed commands and is working hard on sit. This is one happy go lucky girl.


Jayme is very friendly and social. She is doing much better with the different floor surfaces. She is walking great on a leash and is learning her new commands quickly. She is very smart, but she is definitely a foodie and enjoys her treats with training. She gets excited with squeaky toys and loves to make them squeak. This lovable girl enjoys a belly rub and will paw at you if you stop. This girl knows what she likes.