Gwynneth has had a productive and exciting week. She went to school with her alternate handler and was fine in class. She has gone to work with her handler when pulling carts and also walks with her handler in the compound.

Gwynneth does her commands well, and most of the time without treats, despite being food driven. She still needs to work a little more on her sit command.

She is great at socializing in the dorm with the residents and loves playing with toys. She also plays outside off leash well. She is a runner and loves to play with the other greys, followed by a cool off in the pool. She is good in the gym with the exception of basketballs, of which she is not so sure. Her trainer is working on this.

Gwynneth is a very happy, loving, and sweet girl and loves attention and rub downs. She does well with other handlers, showing no signs of separation anxiety or aggression.