Rowyn has had an excellent week, showing off for everyone in the pool, playing more and just having a great time enjoying life and grasping all the information he can gather everyday! 

Rowyn is a very worldly guy, loving, playful, funny, and curious about his surroundings.  He is very smart as he watches everything around him causing him to be often distracted!!  He will be missed by many at the prison, including his trainer. 

Commands he has learned include sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, kiss, lap, and he can bow, too!!

Thank you Rowyn, his trainer says!!  Enjoy your life! :)


Rowyn has the most soulful eyes that just melt his trainer. He is so sweet and loving that he is hard to say no to him. He adapts well and is content playing with himself or playing with the other dogs. It doesn't take much to make this guy happy. If you have a kiddie pool, you have his vote. He has learned all of his commands without kibble and can't wait to show his new family.


Rowyn definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. One of the female greys growled at him and he got his feelings hurt and walked away with his head down. He definitely does not have an aggressive bone in his body and loves everyone. He is a little timid around strangers but he warms up with time. He is doing all his commands with treats and can't wait to show his new family.


Rowyn (Patton) is such a nice guy. He is very sweet and affectionate with no aggressive issues. He likes to play with the other dogs but when it gets to be too much for him he will back off and not participate in the rough housing. He loves the puppies and will give them kisses. He is really doing well with his training and is even approaching the officers without any fear. He will be a great addition to his forever home.


Patton is a momma's boy. He just loves to be with his trainer. He will play with the other dogs and gets along great but always keeps a watchful eye on her. He loves to be outside and to wade in the kiddie pool. He is very fun loving but not obnoxious, and calms very easily. After a hard day of play and training he loves to curl up with his pillow. He is really working hard to make his new family proud.


Patton is a smart, fun loving dog. He has no aggression whatsoever. He is quite the charmer and will try to use the puppy dog eyes to get his way. He is doing well going up to strangers when called. He is learning his commands quickly and is easily correctable. His trainer was scooping him and he jumped in the air when she touched his butt. I think he didn't think they had known each other long enough to be touching in that area. He is such a proper young man. He now understands it's not a rude gesture and is responding well to scooping for sit.


Patton is such a great boy. He is so handsome and such a flirt. He actually bats his eyes at the ladies and has the puppy dog eyes down to a science. He is friendly but he is going to make you work for his attention until he gets comfortable and trusts you, then he will work his magic and he will have you wrapped around his paw. He is a very observant dog and likes to get a handle on his surroundings before he lets loose. He loves to spend time with the other greyhounds and has no aggression issues.


Patton is very sweet and tolerant. He loves to be massaged and scratched. He is a self starter and is already walking beside his trainer on a leash and is sitting in his kennel when he waiting to be let out. Adaptable is an understatement as this boy is so comfortable in his new surrounding that he roached on his first morning. Her trainer says he is a "great joy" to work with.