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Oxford Petsmart Meet & Greet - December 23, 2017

Look at those Greyhounds all decked out for the holidays! Merry Christmas from everyone at the Oxford Petsmart M&G. Come see us in January!

Airport Pet  Therapy - December 16, 2017

We  love visiting the travelers at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport! And they love visiting with our therapy Greyhounds!

Jenkins Training - December 17, 2017

Just a check-in with the inmates to see how training is going. All our pups are doing fabulous! As you can see they're ready for the holidays!

Hoover Meet & Greet - December 16, 2017

We normally meet at the Petsmart in Hoover, however, we moved the December meet and greet to Cahaba Brewery in downtown Birmingham. As you can see, a good time was had by all!

Pet Therapy at Georgia State University - December 7, 2017

What a fun time helping to ease the stress for the students during final exam week! We'll definitely be back!

Intake Day - November 18, 2017

With graduation, we always welcome a new group to the prison for their training. First thing? Spa day! Everyone gets a bath, complete with an ear cleaning, and a pawdicure!

Jenkins Graduation - November 16, 2017

Our 15th graduation at Jenkins! Wow, time does fly. The theme as you can see was "Twas the Night Before Christmas"! The men outdid themselves! Welcome home graduates!

Pet Therapy at Mercer Law School - November 9, 2017

We were invited to do some pet therapy with the students at Mercer Law School in recognition of Mental Health Week aka "Wellness Week". What a great time we had visiting with everyone there!  We put smiles on many faces!

Oxford Petsmart Meet and Greet - October 28, 2017

Oh my, look at those costumes! The hounds of Oxford know how to do it up right!

Hound Hike - October 22, 2017

A annual hike through Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta on a lovely fall day. This has quickly become a favorite hike among our adopters.

Autumn Cove Pet Therapy - September 28, 2017

Layla and Ferris have a great time spreading the Greyhound love at this wonderful assisted living facility in Oxford, AL.

Hoover Petsmart Meet & Greet - September 17, 2017

A great time chatting up Greyhound adoption at this wonderful Petsmart! Come join us next month!

Jenkins Intake Day - September 7, 2017

Along with graduation comes a new group of pups! They start their 10 weeks of training with the spa treatment! Gotta love that!

Jenkins Graduation - September 7, 2017

Another wonderful graduation at Jenkins Correctional Facility! Our 14th class to graduate from this facility. The men always do a wonderful job and this group was no different. All graduates are now enjoying their lives with their new families!

Pigs and Peaches Festival - August 25-26, 2017

We always have such a good time at this very busy festival. Lots of interested folks, lots of great food, and you can't beat the people watching!

Birmingham Dog Wash - August 20, 2017

Every year a group of volunteers from Second Chance Greyhounds visits Southern New England Kennel at Birmingham Race Course to wash all the Greyhounds in the race kennel. It's usually around 65 dogs! Yep, and what a fun time it was. We really enjoy doing it! The dogs really appreciate it and always run better the next week. Truth!

Jenkins Training - August 19, 2017

The pups are almost ready for graduation! All are doing well!

Hoover Petsmart Meet & Greet - August 19, 2017

We love coming to this Petsmart to show off our Greyhounds. Come see us!

Jenkins Training - July 30, 2017

Wow! What a difference a few weeks make. The men have done a tremendous job training our Greyhounds!

Oxford Petsmart Meet & Greet - July 22, 2017

Our pups are always a favorite with the kids!

Hoover Petsmart Meet & Greet - July 16, 2017

This meet and greet is always a blast! The pups love it!

Jenkins Training - July 9, 2017

It's amazing what the new group has learned in 10 days! WOW!

Airport Pet Therapy -  July 8, 2017

We love visiting weary travelers at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport!

Peachtree Road Race - July 4, 2017

Another wonderful time cheering on the 60,000+ runners in the Peachtree Road Race. Makes you proud to be an American! And the Greyhounds enjoyed it, too!

Intake Day - June 29, 2017

Another 12 wonderful Greyhounds entered our program today. Spa treatments for everyone!

Jenkins Graduation - June 29, 2017

Our 13th class to graduate from Jenkins. The theme was "Beach Party". The men, the Greyhounds, and guests all enjoyed it.

Jenkins Training - June 18, 2017

At week 8, our pups are ready for graduation. They've perfected their basic commands and are learning extras now like bow, shake, pow, and roll over, just to mention a few.

Hoover Petsmart Meet & Greet - June 18, 2017

Inside today due to weather but that didn't damper our spirits. We had a great time, as always, and the pups were perfect.

Trip to the Track - June 3, 2017

Our annual trip to the Birmingham Race Course where we visit a race kennel, watch weigh-in for the matinee races, watch a few matinee races, and enjoy a BBQ buffet. It's a great educational opportunity to see a behind the scenes look at a racing kennel and see how our Greyhounds live before we get them. Always a fan favorite!

Jenkins Training - May 29, 2017

It's always a treat to visit our pups in training at the prison. The men do such a great job with them. It's definitely a win-win for both human and hound!