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Jenkins Training - December 18, 2016

A few weeks in this session and our pups are doing wonderfully!! Great job guys!

Airport Pet Therapy - December 17, 2016

Our first regular pet therapy visit at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. What a great time we had!

Oxford Petsmart M&G - December 17, 2016

Our pups love visiting with the shoppers at this Petsmart.

Greyt Holiday Dinner - December 4, 2016

Our annual tradition where we gather and honor a few of our wonderful volunteers.

Kennesaw Santa Parade - December 3, 2016

Our 8th appearance in the Kennesaw Santa Parade.  The Greyhounds love strutting their stuff down Main Street decked in their holiday finery!

Intake Day - December 1, 2016

Scrub a dub tub. Our next group of trainees gets the spa treatment.

Jenkins Graduation - December 1, 2016

Another graduation at Jenkins.  What a wonderful group of Greyhounds.  We thank the inmates for another job well done!

Jenkins Training - October 29, 2016

Six weeks into their training and everyone is doing fantastic. Four more weeks until graduation!!

Oxford Petsmart M&G - October 29, 2016

It's Halloween! Our pups love to dress up for the holidays!

Greystock - October 15, 2016

Pictures from SCG's annual fundraising event - Greystock.

Greystock - The Streak - October 15, 2016

Pictures from SCG's annual fundraising event - Greystock. Look at those  dogs run! 

Jenkins Training - September 25, 2016

First check-in of this new class since their arrival September 15th.  WOW, the Greyhounds have made great strides in just a few short weeks.  Our inmate trainers do such a wonderful job!!

Oxford Petsmart M&G - September 24, 2016

Another wonderful and busy day at the Petsmart in Oxford.

Smyrna Petco M&G - September 17, 2016

The dogs kept the shoppers entertained on a busy weekend at the Petco in Smryna.

Intake Day - September 15, 2016

And so with graduation there is also intake of the next class.  It's always a blast seeing them come off the hauler with wide eyes of excitement. No doubt wondering where the heck they are! They do settle and acclimate well.

Jenkins Graduation - September 15, 2016

Today we celebrated our 2nd year at Jenkins with a very special graduation ceremony and refreshments!  We're quite proud of the men who take care of and train our Greyhounds.  Here's to many more years at Jenkins!!

Toco Hills Petsupermarket  - September 10, 2016

The greyhounds got a lot of attention at the special M&G at this super busy Petsupermarket in Atlanta.

Oxford Petsmart M&G - August 27, 2016

A fun-filled day on a busy weekend at the Petsmart in Oxford, AL.

Jenkins Training - August 20, 2016

Progress is made with their training every visit.  Graduation is right around the corner!

McDonough M&G - August 16, 2016

We love being at this busy Petsmart in McDonough, GA

Jenkins Training - August 5, 2016

Every Friday, the men demonstrate the commands their dog has learned while they are evaluated by the senior trainers. It's a great opportunity to gain feedback as well from each other to enhance their training.

Jenkins Training - July 30, 2016

First visit after this group arrived two weeks ago. They are doing ma-velous! The inmates are working to fine tune the basic commands but all are doing well. There are 7 more weeks (we have an abbreviated session this time due to scheduling conflicts).  They'll be champs at doing their commands in no time!

Intake Day - July 14, 2016

Immediately after graduation, the exchange takes place where we take the graduates to the hauler and bring back the next class.  First up - baths!!  And then their nails get trimmed and ears get cleaned.  It's a great day to be a SCG Greyhound!

Oxford Petsmart M&G - June 25, 2016

Another greyt day at the busy Petsmart in Oxford, AL.

Jenkins Graduation - July 14, 2016

Graduation for our 8th session here at Jenkins Correctional Center and what a great day it is.  The pups and the inmates enjoy a small ceremony, they obtain certificates for a job well done, and then it's time for pictures, complete with graduation caps. Thank you men for all you do for our Greyhounds!

Jenkins Training - June 18, 2016

Another visit with our Greyhounds being trained by the inmates at Jenkins.  We're on the backside of this session as graduation is just a few weeks away.  The pups are ready for their new homes!

Smryna Petco M&G  - June 11, 2016

The pups got a lot of attention at the May edition of the Smryna M&G at the Petco in Smryna, GA.

Jenkins Training - May 28, 2016

An amazing visit with our inmates in the program at Jenkins.  It's incredible the commands they've been able to teach this new group in less than three weeks.  Just blows your mind!  They are hardworking individuals and the Greyhounds, well, they are the best, too!

Oxford Petsmart M&G - May 28, 2016

A greyt day meeting and greeting shoppers at this busy Petsmart in Oxford, AL

Smryna Petco M&G  - May 21, 2016

The pups got a lot of attention at the May edition of the Smryna M&G at the Petco in Smryna, GA.

Intake Day - May 5, 2016

Intake follows graduation and is always a fun time.  Everyone gets to meet our new "recruits".  They get a scrub down and get introduced to their dorm, living space, and the inmates.  It's a great day for everyone!

Dega Doggie Day - May 7, 2016

A greyt day at the Talladega Animal Shelter Dega Doggie Day

Jenkins Graduation - May 5, 2016

Our seventh graduation at Jenkins Correctional Center.  It's a great day to celebrate the accomplishments of the men and the Greyhounds during the 10 week session.  Job well done everyone!

Smryna Spring Jonquil Festival - April 23 & 24, 2016

Such a busy couple of days meeting people, sampling tasty festival food, and putting on a "greyt" show for the festival-goers at the Smryna Spring Jonquil Festival. This is one of our favorite festivals to be at every year.