Check out what we've been up to during 2015 ! 
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Oxford Petsmart M&G - December 26, 2015

The greyhounds were in such a demand, that they got ambushed by doting humans even before entering this busy Petsmart in Oxford, AL. 

Intake Day - December 17,  2015

Another 12 Greyhounds entered our program today.  And what a great group.  Here they are getting their "make-overs".

Graduation Day - December 17, 2015

Our last graduation for 2015 and what a year it has been!  The men have come a long way in their training skills which benefits our Greyhounds and ultimately, our adopters!

Smyrna Petco M&G - December 12, 2015

The greyhounds got tons of attention and pets from the holiday shoppers at this busy Petco in Smyrna, GA.

Oxford M&G - November 28, 2015

Another greyt SCG M&G at the Petco in Oxford, AL 

Jenkins Training - October 31, 2015

Our Greyhounds are learning such good things!  I can't wait until graduation in December!

Smyrna Fall Jonquil Festival - October 24-25, 2015

We love this festival!  Always have a great time meeting the folks in Smyrna!

Greystock Part 1 - October 10, 2015

Pictures from this years Greystock!

Greystock Part 2 - October 10, 2015

Amazing shots of our retired racers in action during The Streak at Greystock 2015.

Intake Day - October 8, 2015

A great day as we welcome our next twelve Greyhounds to the program at Jenkins.  It's intake day where the men examine their new charges for any injuries, bathe them, clean their ears, trim their nails and then it's time for everyone to acclimate to the pod and prison life!

Graduation Day - October 8, 2015

Another graduation in the books!  We are so proud of these men and these Greyhounds. They have accomplished so much this session!

Jenkins Training - October 3, 2015

This was actually testing for the upcoming graduates.  Not many pictures as we were busy testing!!

Oxford Petco M&G - September 26, 2015

The hounds enjoyed spending time with their friends and shoppers at the Petco in Oxford, AL.

Sandy Springs Festival - September 19 & 20, 2015

A great weekend full of meeting festival go-ers and promoting greyhound adoption at the Sandy Springs Festival in Sandy Springs, GA .

Canton M&G - September 20, 2015

The hounds got a lot of attention at our final M&G at the Petco in Canton, GA.

Auburn M&G - September 06, 2015

A fun M&G at the very busy Petco in Opeilka, AL. We love being here every month! 

Jenkins Training - August 29, 2015

A check-in at the prison to see how our pups are doing and as usual, they are doing fabulous. Learning alot including many fun extras!

Oxford M&G - August 22, 2015

Our monthly Meet & Greet at this fabulous Petsmart in Oxford, AL.  This is a very busy store with lots of interested folks who come to check out our Greyhounds!  Come see us next month on September 26, 2015

Pigs 'n Peaches Festival - August 21-22, 2015

Our 7th appearance at this wonderful barbecue festival in Kennesaw.  Wow, the crowds were 5 feet deep at times.  We had a great time and have some very tired Greyhounds to prove it!!

Jenkins Training - August 16, 2015

A check in at the prison to see the progress of training, thus far.  It's amazing to see what the men have accomplished in just two weeks time.  Love what we're doing here!