Lefty is a Whirling Dervish!

Oh. My. Gosh.  Lefty is such a morning person!  He is so happy to see you first thing in the morning. He sleeps the night through on his bed but when the alarm goes off he’s excited to get you up and get the day started. I love his enthusiasm. It really makes my morning to see him so elated. He does a little happy dance at your side of the bed and will lay his head on the bed to be petted, only he can’t stay still for long. His excitement has him bursting with energy, he can’t wait to get the day started. When we get ready for our morning walk he brings his inner puppy out. He gets so excited that he spins in place; he’s a whirling dervish! But I’ve started him on my “bullseye” command, which means he’s got to stand still to get the collar put on since I’m not talented enough to hit a moving target.  He seems to love to whirl because he will spin with toys in his mouth and when he gets out of the crate. He’s totally fun to play with just make sure you leave room for a few spontaneous spins.