Lefty is in the House

Lefty has only been with me for a couple of days but I can give you a heads up on some of the things that I’ve learned in that very short time.

He’s super friendly and likes to say hello to everyone he meets.

He LOVES to be loved on. When I’m seated, he will gently lay his head in my lap and look up at me with large soulful eyes. He has perfected the "love me" look! He's a lover for sure.

He LOVES going for walks. He gets really excited when the leash comes out and seems like he could happily walk forever.

He LOVES playing with toys. He doesn’t appear to be destructive with them but he does like me to be interactive with him. I enjoy the playing so that’s perfect to me.

He’s getting along beautifully with the resident cat. He is friendlier than the feline prefers but when his wet nose gets too probing she hisses at him and he backs off so he  shows her some respect. 

There have been no problems with my hounds. Not a single growl, snap or even a sideways glance. They accepted him into the pack no questions asked.