Lefty Has Left the Building!

Yes!!  Finally, Lefty (LK Exit Left) has retired.  Many have asked about his story and here goes.  He was slated to retire almost a year ago now but his trainer ran him in a few more races before that happened.  Well, lo and behold, he did really well and won many of them.  His trainer decided to then NOT retire him! 

So, he has continued to race during all this time.  I can't say he has "been in the money" all those races but he was some of the time and was a consistent runner.  But not so much lately, so his trainer DID retire him!!  And he is home now!!  Happy and sleeping right beside me.

Today he meets his new family.  If all goes well with their small dog, he will go to his forever home today.  This family has been very patient during this process and has watched Lefty's racing career during the year anticipating his retirement. 

Hopefully it will be a glorious day for Lefty and the Hall family!!