Lefty is Back

Well, our dear Lefty has been returned to Second Chance Greyhounds to be rehomed.  He is a sweet boy and I'm certain we will find the perfect home for him.  He is currently in foster care with me and is doing great with my pack of four girl Greyhounds.  I think he thinks he is in heaven!! 

There is a story about Lefty from his track days that I will share with you.  The trainer would put the boy dogs in one turnout pen and the girl dogs in another and let them hang out for a while in the sun, playing, running, and relaxing on their own.  All the while, the trainer would be inside the kennel cleaning their crates.  When it was time, he would switch the boys and the girls.  After he would bring all the boys in to make the switch, he would then let the girls in the turnout pen where the boys had just been and vice versa.  Well, Lefty is no dummy - he would hide in the corner of the turnout pen so the trainer couldn't see him and then the trainer would let all the girls into that pen and Lefty would be the only boy there - in heaven!!  Just as I stated above!

He is really funny and is a wonderful Greyhound.  Here he is at one of last weekend's Meet & Greets just chillin' and waiting for someone to come pet him!!