Lefty, a Crowd Pleaser

Lefty joined foster brother Cabo & foster sister Zoe this past weekend at the Sandy Springs Fall Festival to man the Second Chance Greyhounds booth and show the world how awesome greyhounds are. I have to admit that I had second thoughts about taking him since his dental was just 4 days prior but he has been his happy go lucky self, even playing with toys. Nothing seems to bother this amazing guy.

He is one of the best greyhound ambassadors I have ever met & I’ve met quite a few in my 11 years of Meet & Greets. He worked the crowd like a seasoned pro; leaning against one & all. He was friendly with the kids that hugged him and was affectionate to everyone. We walked the crowds, met other dogs and cats, he got tons of petting and remained calm during the marching bands exhibition past our tent. The live music wasn’t far away & sometimes got loud but nothing phased him – he was out to get all the attention he could and there wasn’t anything that was going to distract him from that mission. Everybody was a long lost friend. I couldn’t be more proud of him! 

 Lefty recharging while awaiting his turn to schmooze

Lefty recharging while awaiting his turn to schmooze

A Good Cleaning

Lefty went to the veterinarian yesterday for a dental appointment. He’s doing well. The vet and staff absolutely loved having this fellow around. She had great things to say about him even admitting that she thinks he might be one of her favorite patients. He loved up on the all staff and captured everyone’s heart. Even in the waiting room he was socializing with everyone. He wasn't nervous at all. He came through the dental with flying colors even though he had several teeth removed. His teeth are now bright white and shiny. He ate great this morning but will be on softened food for a while so that his gums have time to heal before going back on kibble. You’d never know he had surgery yesterday. This morning he did his usual whirling dervish at the mention of a walk. He’s too cute for words! I can’t believe how happy he is ALL THE TIME. 

Lefty is a Whirling Dervish!

Oh. My. Gosh.  Lefty is such a morning person!  He is so happy to see you first thing in the morning. He sleeps the night through on his bed but when the alarm goes off he’s excited to get you up and get the day started. I love his enthusiasm. It really makes my morning to see him so elated. He does a little happy dance at your side of the bed and will lay his head on the bed to be petted, only he can’t stay still for long. His excitement has him bursting with energy, he can’t wait to get the day started. When we get ready for our morning walk he brings his inner puppy out. He gets so excited that he spins in place; he’s a whirling dervish! But I’ve started him on my “bullseye” command, which means he’s got to stand still to get the collar put on since I’m not talented enough to hit a moving target.  He seems to love to whirl because he will spin with toys in his mouth and when he gets out of the crate. He’s totally fun to play with just make sure you leave room for a few spontaneous spins.

Lefty is in the House

Lefty has only been with me for a couple of days but I can give you a heads up on some of the things that I’ve learned in that very short time.

He’s super friendly and likes to say hello to everyone he meets.

He LOVES to be loved on. When I’m seated, he will gently lay his head in my lap and look up at me with large soulful eyes. He has perfected the "love me" look! He's a lover for sure.

He LOVES going for walks. He gets really excited when the leash comes out and seems like he could happily walk forever.

He LOVES playing with toys. He doesn’t appear to be destructive with them but he does like me to be interactive with him. I enjoy the playing so that’s perfect to me.

He’s getting along beautifully with the resident cat. He is friendlier than the feline prefers but when his wet nose gets too probing she hisses at him and he backs off so he  shows her some respect. 

There have been no problems with my hounds. Not a single growl, snap or even a sideways glance. They accepted him into the pack no questions asked.

Lefty is Back

Well, our dear Lefty has been returned to Second Chance Greyhounds to be rehomed.  He is a sweet boy and I'm certain we will find the perfect home for him.  He is currently in foster care with me and is doing great with my pack of four girl Greyhounds.  I think he thinks he is in heaven!! 

There is a story about Lefty from his track days that I will share with you.  The trainer would put the boy dogs in one turnout pen and the girl dogs in another and let them hang out for a while in the sun, playing, running, and relaxing on their own.  All the while, the trainer would be inside the kennel cleaning their crates.  When it was time, he would switch the boys and the girls.  After he would bring all the boys in to make the switch, he would then let the girls in the turnout pen where the boys had just been and vice versa.  Well, Lefty is no dummy - he would hide in the corner of the turnout pen so the trainer couldn't see him and then the trainer would let all the girls into that pen and Lefty would be the only boy there - in heaven!!  Just as I stated above!

He is really funny and is a wonderful Greyhound.  Here he is at one of last weekend's Meet & Greets just chillin' and waiting for someone to come pet him!!

Lefty Has Left the Building!

Yes!!  Finally, Lefty (LK Exit Left) has retired.  Many have asked about his story and here goes.  He was slated to retire almost a year ago now but his trainer ran him in a few more races before that happened.  Well, lo and behold, he did really well and won many of them.  His trainer decided to then NOT retire him! 

So, he has continued to race during all this time.  I can't say he has "been in the money" all those races but he was some of the time and was a consistent runner.  But not so much lately, so his trainer DID retire him!!  And he is home now!!  Happy and sleeping right beside me.

Today he meets his new family.  If all goes well with their small dog, he will go to his forever home today.  This family has been very patient during this process and has watched Lefty's racing career during the year anticipating his retirement. 

Hopefully it will be a glorious day for Lefty and the Hall family!!