Training Updates

Deuce had a great week.  He has now learned the "heel" command and the "advanced sit".  His trainer will be teaching him a new trick that she'll tell us about next week.

Deuce is lots of fun and loves to play.  He has been a dream to train, and he loves all the attention he gets from his trainer.  He has a mischievous side too.  He has started to hide things if he thinks he's not getting enough attention. Deuce has an inner peace about him that has helped his trainer with her anxiety.   He is an awesome dog.

Training Continues

Wow!!  Alvin is coming out of his shell.  He runs up and down the aisle and is starting to play, and follow his trainer around.  She has been kibbling him when scary things get to him, especially when they go down to the compound and a crowd comes toward him.   They have discovered the best time to train him is before meals, that's when he is hungry and is eager to please.

Alvin is becoming quite a funny dog.  When he runs, he runs with a spring in his step and will grab people's things off their locker door as he runs by.  He gets lots of unconditional love and is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings.

Training Continues

 Alvin had a great week, he's getting extra training this week from the alternate.  He is still nervous in situations where he doesn't feel safe, but he feels safe in his kennel.  Walking around the compound is getting easier.  His trainer is working very hard to boost his confidence and encourage him with praise and treats. 

Alvin did well over the weekend (they switch trainers to prevent seperation anxiety), although he did whine a little the first night, he made it through fine.  But he was sure glad to be home.  

More on his training next time.