After Meet and Greet interview

"Sheila, how was the meet and greet you just attended?"

"It was great as my former racing buddies :Oakland Hope (Rayna), Neil Millington (R Neil) and Seagold Voyage (Layla) were all there. We also had Penny, Vicky Rumble and Cody there."

"So did alot of people show up?"

" Yes there were alot of people and there were some that petted me and said how beautiful I was. Some people were going to check me out on the site also."

" What else was going on?'

" My foster dad had some treats and I was showing the people how I know my commands. I do a great Sit and also showed how I knew Bed on the bed they brought."

"Sheila can you tell us what is so special about you?"

" Well I know my commands, love to sun bathe, love to go for walks and I'm cute. I make a great clock as I know when it's chow, snack and walking time. I love helping out in the kitchen, crate well and even do laps in the backyard. I am a little shy but once I've been around you for a bit I loosen up. I do know my name and am one of the most loyal greyhounds you'll ever meet. As you can see from my videos, I wear pajama's well, love popcorn and just love to be covered up with a blanket. I will let you know when it's snack time by nudging you and if I have to will bark to remind you what time it is. My foster parents say that I'm special and that I will find my forever family (COULD THAT BE YOU?). Guess that's all I have to say for now but I do want to thank you if you've read my blog. Later (Sheila)!!!"