WANT AD 12/18/12

Wanted: One forever home. Have much love & devotion to give.

Well now that I have your attention I'll tell you what you should know about me. I like to go for walks around my foster parents neighborhood. I have walked at Pier Park in Panama City Beach and that was ok. Pedicures are not my favorite things in the world.

Now for my good points. I love following my foster parents around in the house. I do great in routines, just ask my foster dad because I wake him up just before his alarm goes off, let him know when it's chow and snack time, and when it's bed time. I can tell when my foster dad gets home and get excited  when I hear him entering the house. I love snack time and sit on command to get my treat. I love being in the yard with my foster sister and we even sunbathe. I do have a pair of pajamas that my foster sister lets me wear, oh and she also has a coat I can use. I'm still a little shy but am getting more confident every day. At night I get covered up with a blanket which I truly love.

Now that you know more about me I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!