Happy Days

Sheila here and I just wanted everyone to know that I am getting adopted. I've learned alot from my foster parents and my sister Penny ( we make good videos) and now it's time for me to go to my forever home. I'm so looking forward to it and I know the family I'm going to will love as much as my foster parents. I still like to help in the kitchen , go for walks, and at night get covered up completely with a blanket. I do want to thank all the people who have read my blog......HAPPY DAYS!!!!!

After Meet and Greet interview

"Sheila, how was the meet and greet you just attended?"

"It was great as my former racing buddies :Oakland Hope (Rayna), Neil Millington (R Neil) and Seagold Voyage (Layla) were all there. We also had Penny, Vicky Rumble and Cody there."

"So did alot of people show up?"

" Yes there were alot of people and there were some that petted me and said how beautiful I was. Some people were going to check me out on the site also."

" What else was going on?'

" My foster dad had some treats and I was showing the people how I know my commands. I do a great Sit and also showed how I knew Bed on the bed they brought."

"Sheila can you tell us what is so special about you?"

" Well I know my commands, love to sun bathe, love to go for walks and I'm cute. I make a great clock as I know when it's chow, snack and walking time. I love helping out in the kitchen, crate well and even do laps in the backyard. I am a little shy but once I've been around you for a bit I loosen up. I do know my name and am one of the most loyal greyhounds you'll ever meet. As you can see from my videos, I wear pajama's well, love popcorn and just love to be covered up with a blanket. I will let you know when it's snack time by nudging you and if I have to will bark to remind you what time it is. My foster parents say that I'm special and that I will find my forever family (COULD THAT BE YOU?). Guess that's all I have to say for now but I do want to thank you if you've read my blog. Later (Sheila)!!!"

Update 3/22/13

Miss Sheila is still with us and has our routine completely figured out.

She loves her walks and she even got to walk with this nice lady who was checking out greyhounds. Sheila does great with routine and makes a good alarm clock for her foster dad and even talks with him in the evening when it's snack time (the little lady has a lovely voice).

Sheila is a very beautiful dog and although she can be a little shy she is very loving. She will do well with another greyhound or a big dog. She is a follower and loves to be in a group of larger dogs. She loves her food and always wants to know what's cooking. When her foster parents have their Meet and Greet be sure to come and check her out, she is a sweety!

Foster update 2/8/13

Just recently Sheila was the star of a Meet and Greet at Books-A-Million in Panama City, Florida. She enjoyed showing off her abilites at the event. 

From the pictures below you can see that she loves to get covered up with a blanket and looks good in pajamas. This girl does great with routines and will be a great companion. Sheila loves her food, treats and sunning in the yard. She is a sweetie! 

WANT AD 12/18/12

Wanted: One forever home. Have much love & devotion to give.

Well now that I have your attention I'll tell you what you should know about me. I like to go for walks around my foster parents neighborhood. I have walked at Pier Park in Panama City Beach and that was ok. Pedicures are not my favorite things in the world.

Now for my good points. I love following my foster parents around in the house. I do great in routines, just ask my foster dad because I wake him up just before his alarm goes off, let him know when it's chow and snack time, and when it's bed time. I can tell when my foster dad gets home and get excited  when I hear him entering the house. I love snack time and sit on command to get my treat. I love being in the yard with my foster sister and we even sunbathe. I do have a pair of pajamas that my foster sister lets me wear, oh and she also has a coat I can use. I'm still a little shy but am getting more confident every day. At night I get covered up with a blanket which I truly love.

Now that you know more about me I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I'M 5 Now!!!

Hey everyone, Sheila here again. I just turned 5 on the 3rd and both my foster parents sang Happy Birthday to me. I did get some extra treats so that was all good. During my birthday celebration the power went out so we had to use candles. I was laying down quietly when the power came back on so I jumped up and went to my food bowl to make sure it was okay. Yes I still love my food. My foster dad thinks I'm blossoming. Well that's all for now.....LATER!!!!

Pier Park Stroll 11/17/12

Hey everybody, this is Miss Sheila with my latest update. We had a Greyhound stroll at Pier Park in Panama City Beach and all my buddies from our meet and greets were there. I liked meeting everyone at the theater and was wagging my tail when Ennis (R Neils dad) was talking to me. We started walking and it took it me a little while to get used to all the new scenery. We continued walking to the doggy beach and I got to walk in the sand a little while my foster sister Penny went wading in the Gulf. I met alot of people and some even complimented me on how nice I looked. I still love the kitchen and with the cooler weather my foster sister and I get to wear pajamas. Hope everyone is doing fine and I'll let you all know how I'm doing later. Bye for now!

Halloween Update

Sheila here and although I didn't dress up for Halloween I did have a Meet & Greet. All my greyhound buddies showed up and we had a good time. I showed everybody how I could sit on command for a treat. 

My foster parents tell me I'm doing great with my house manners. Penny (my foster sister) and I are having fun trying to catch the squirrels out back (we'll get one yet)! Although at times I do get in trouble because of my curiousity, all in all I think I'm doing ok. I still love the kitchen and have even gotten to wear doggie pajamas that my foster mom made. Well that's all for now!

Here I am!

Still enjoying the good life, here. I'm still very sweet, and am a perfect lady with good house manners. I know "bed", "sit", "crate", and "easy" (when being fed by hand). I still like to help out in the kitchen, and though I help mom do most of the cooking, I don't pester at the table when the humans are eating. I like to follow my foster mom and dad around and stay close wherever they are.

I had some children visitors this week, and I loved them as much as those I met at my meet and greet!


Sheila here and I must say I'm still liking the kitchen. You wouldn't believe some of the yummy smells I'm learning about. I still like going for walks and even saw a bunny which I probably could have gotten if my foster dad would have let me off my harness. I do like sun bathing and am glad the rain has finally stopped. I follow my foster parents wherever they go in the house and even bark and twirl when my foster dad gets home from work. I'm still a little shy but did meet a lot of nice people at a party at my house. I have learned that it's ok to get alot of sleep (ahhh retired life)! Thanks everyone and pretty soon I'll be going to another Meet & Greet!

Meet & Greet

Hey everyone, Sheila here and I had my first social outing at a meet and greet. I enjoyed seeing Topaz , R Neil, and Layla even showed up. I met alot of people and did fairly well, although after a while I got tired and had to lay down on the bed my foster dad brought. I still think the coolest place in the house is the kitchen and I really love chicken. I saw a squirrel on my walk today and wanted to chase it but my harness leash wasn't long enough. I really like having my foster greyhound Penny with me because we get along well and I like having another grey with me. Oh well that's all for now.

Foster home

Hey everyone, Sheila here and I'll first start out by saying that we had a rainy ride to my foster home. After I got here I had to check things out and got to be buddies with my forever buddy Penny. She's trying to show me the ropes but sometimes I get carried away especially when food is involved. I already have my own bed and don't even have to sleep in a crate, so life is good! I'm still a bit scared of all the new things but I'm getting better with my foster parents. I love helping in the kitchen and I'm quite the helper. I've been for some walks but haven't met anyone yet. My foster parents think I'm smart but then again aren't all black greyhounds?


Sheila’s last week and she’s been doing great.  This great-looking girl knows her commands and has come such a long way since she arrived.  Though still needing a little more work on sit and stairs, she readily gives kisses!  She is a very active dog who loves to play but she’ll calm easily and cuddle on a blanket with you, too.  She plays very nicely with her toys.  Sheila is a great dog and has stolen her handler’s heart; she says Sheila will make a great addition to a family.


Sheila is very smart and responsive.  Her handler says she has had a good training week and the focus is on getting her now to more readily sit without the enticement of kibble and to practice going up stairs (she comes down the steps easily).  She reports Sheila is doing great and loves to play and run and, when told to wait to play, will calmly wait her turn.  She has a very loving personality, says her handler, and she’ll miss her when she leaves in a couple of short weeks. 


Sheila has spent a lot of time with her alternate handlers again this week going to rec and in the classrooms, and has been very good with them.

She does all of her commands in the dorm and at school, and now her trainer is working on these commands at rec.  She loves to play with her toys, and plays well with other greyhounds. She also loves her food, and does all her commands for kibble.

Her trainer says that Sheila  is a very sweet and loving dog.