I'm finally back on line

It's Asia back on line again.  My foster mom has been too busy to help me blog again.  I told her it was very important and we must do it today so we did.  My foster dad got back from Alaska last Sunday and got my favorite squeaky toy off the roof.  I was so happy to be able to play with it again.  Squeakies are a blast! I am still being a perfect girl even with the new foster girl in our house.  We can all play together and have fun.

We left the house yesterday and went to Kennesaw to the Pigs and Peaches Festival.  I never saw a Pig or a Peach but I saw alot of children.  I love them to pet my ears.  I had fun but it was a long day.  I slept in the car ALL the way home. 

I am still being a perfect girl with no issues in the house at all.  My foster mom keeps telling me that a family will be coming to visit me soon to see about bring me to my forever home.  However, I haven't seen anyone yet.  Do you people not love me and think I am beautiful?  You should because my foster mom tells me I am every day.