Coming out of my shell?

Asia is back again to tell you what's been going on.  My foster mom said today that I am coming out of my shell.  I am so confused.  I did not know I was a turtle.  What!!?? 

I am still having fun messing with my foster brother, Murphy.  Mom throws the ball to him.  Sometimes he catches but sometimes I do.  When I catch the ball, I run to my kennel as fast as I can to try to hide it under my blankies.  However, we've got lots of squeaky balls so my mom always finds some more to throw.  I take those to my kennel as often as I can get my mouth on them too.

This morning, mom was getting ready for work in the bathroom.  I was in the bedroom with Zeus, a furry creature that mom says is a lab dog.  He wanted to play.  I had so mch fun.  I showed off with my bowing and running all over mom's bedroom.  She tried to get a picture of me playing with him but she said I move as fast as lightning.  More later.  Asia.