Meet and Greet Day

It's Asia here again.  Today started out like any other day in my foster home.  However, about 12:30 my foster mom put my foster siblings in their x-pen and got my leash.  We got into the car.  I wondered where we were going as we drove for about 45 minutes.  I hoped she wasn't taking me back where I came from.  I like living with her while we wait for a wonderful forever family.  Mom got a little lost but called Ms. Patti so we could find out where to go.  I guess human mom's can't smell where to go like I can.  We went into a store and there were other greyhounds there and then there were even more.  I knew then that she was not taking me back.  We met some other humans and they rubbed my ears.

Then the good part started.  Mom walked me to a part of the store where they had lots of toys.  She showed me the ones that squeaked.  She let me pick out some of them and I helped her carry them back to our area in the store.  Mom bought 5 toys so I thought I had hit the jackpot.  I must have been really good to deserve that many new toys. 

When we got home, mom took the toys out of the packages and put them on the floor.  My foster siblings started picking them up.  They have some toys of their own so I did not understand why they were taking all of my new ones.  I picked them up as soon as I saw them put them down and placed them in my kennel.  I laid down and started squeaking away.  Squeaking the toys makes me sooooo happy.  My foster brother, Murphy, kept coming in my kennel and taking some of them out and into the yard.  Mom would throw them for him and both of us ran after them.  However, I faked him off.  When I got the toys, I took them back to my kennel for later.  We did this several times.  I finally gave up and let him have one of my new toys. 

I had a nice dinner and a short nap.  I am having fun squeaking again.  I don't understand why mom said I cannot sleep with my toys.  She said something about tthe noise keeping her awake at night.  But she did promise to give them back in the morning when we wake up.

All in all, another good day with my foster family.