Settling in my foster home.

This is Asia here (aka CTW Marianna).  I was picked up by my foster mom and dad on Thursday evening.  We took a ride for almost an hour to a house.  When I first got there I thought I was going to be the only dog because my mom and dad took me into the back yard where I did not see any other dogs.  Then they made me put my muzzle on.  One by one, they introduced me to their children - Heifer 11 year old greyhound gal, Leona 9 year old greyhound gal, Murphy 4 year old greyhound boy and Zeus 11 year old lab boy.  We all spent a little time in the backyard so I could do my pottying.  Mom and dad brought me in the house and showed me my new kennel.  It had some really fluffy down blankies in it but I was hungry.  They made me a nice dish of food and I ate it all.  I pottied again and it was bed time.  I fell asleep knowing everything was going to be ok.  I wondered where my foster mom and dad were during the night but stayed quiet because I did not want to wake them.  My two foster sisters were next to me in their x-pen to make me feel safe.

Yesterday evening I got to spend a bunch more time with my foster family.  My foster brother plays ball.  I thought about it but decided it would be more fun to take his ball when he dropped it and put it in my kennel for safe keeping later.  When my family was sitting outside on their covered patio some strange sounds started happening.  I heard them say it was called thunder.  No one else seemed concerned about it so I wasn't either.  They've got alot of comfy beds in the house for us but I've decided that these hardwood and tile floors they have are very cool to my coat and like to lay on them.  I've also decided to be the very best girl that I can so I can get a forever home soon.  I've made sure that I haven't pottied in my kennel or in their house - not even once!  They've had some good smelling food in the house too but I haven't tried to get on their counters either.

Mom said my profile said I didn't like small dogs.  I saw two miniature Schnauzers on the other side of our fence.  They did not look like they'd be fun to play with so I just ignored them as well as the bunny that was outside the fence this afternoon.  My mom is going to ask Mr. Herb if we can visit his dogs in person so she can see if I really don't like them.

I really like to follow my foster mom and dad around so they will know how much I love having a foster family and they will know how much I will appreciate a forever family.  However, my foster dad left on a business trip to Alaska today for a week.  I will miss him but I will follow my foster mom around more to make up for his loss this week.

My mom says it is taking too much time for me to type with my big toes and she will help me do this again in a few days so I can tell you more about me.  I know I am beautiful because I saw another one of me in the glass on the door and she was beautiful too.