Marianna was a little timid at first with her new handlers, but accompanied one of them to the library where she works, and found it very exciting. So much so that she didn’t want to bed or sit down. She was a little distracted by the CCI lab puppies barking in the classroom next door but wasn’t at all bothered by the lab sitting near her. The next day, her other handler took her to self-study classes and, although again a little timid at first, soon lay down within a couple of minutes and relaxed.

Marianna walks well and loves to be cuddled and brushed and having her ears cleaned  She goes crazy over squeaky toys, but has no trouble with dropping a toy when told to do so. She also loves to play outside.

She is really good at doing all of her commands with kibble and now needs to work on doing them without!  Her new trainers have already fallen in love with Marianna and say she is an awesome dog - very sweet and loving...and she really likes to give kisses.