Forever Home

I'm back with the most exciting news.  I am going to my FOREVER HOME tomorrow.  They have a handsome grey named Hank and I fell in love with him at the Pigs and Peaches Festival.  He's a laid back young fellow but I know I can get him to play with me and the new squeaky toys my new mom has purchased for me.  What is even cooler is that I already know my new mom and dad because I had the opportunity to spend a whole afternoon with them at the festival.  I know they will love me because they already fell in love with me last Saturday.  I'm going to be a happy, happy girl.

I'm finally back on line

It's Asia back on line again.  My foster mom has been too busy to help me blog again.  I told her it was very important and we must do it today so we did.  My foster dad got back from Alaska last Sunday and got my favorite squeaky toy off the roof.  I was so happy to be able to play with it again.  Squeakies are a blast! I am still being a perfect girl even with the new foster girl in our house.  We can all play together and have fun.

We left the house yesterday and went to Kennesaw to the Pigs and Peaches Festival.  I never saw a Pig or a Peach but I saw alot of children.  I love them to pet my ears.  I had fun but it was a long day.  I slept in the car ALL the way home. 

I am still being a perfect girl with no issues in the house at all.  My foster mom keeps telling me that a family will be coming to visit me soon to see about bring me to my forever home.  However, I haven't seen anyone yet.  Do you people not love me and think I am beautiful?  You should because my foster mom tells me I am every day.

Coming out of my shell?

Asia is back again to tell you what's been going on.  My foster mom said today that I am coming out of my shell.  I am so confused.  I did not know I was a turtle.  What!!?? 

I am still having fun messing with my foster brother, Murphy.  Mom throws the ball to him.  Sometimes he catches but sometimes I do.  When I catch the ball, I run to my kennel as fast as I can to try to hide it under my blankies.  However, we've got lots of squeaky balls so my mom always finds some more to throw.  I take those to my kennel as often as I can get my mouth on them too.

This morning, mom was getting ready for work in the bathroom.  I was in the bedroom with Zeus, a furry creature that mom says is a lab dog.  He wanted to play.  I had so mch fun.  I showed off with my bowing and running all over mom's bedroom.  She tried to get a picture of me playing with him but she said I move as fast as lightning.  More later.  Asia.

Meet and Greet Day

It's Asia here again.  Today started out like any other day in my foster home.  However, about 12:30 my foster mom put my foster siblings in their x-pen and got my leash.  We got into the car.  I wondered where we were going as we drove for about 45 minutes.  I hoped she wasn't taking me back where I came from.  I like living with her while we wait for a wonderful forever family.  Mom got a little lost but called Ms. Patti so we could find out where to go.  I guess human mom's can't smell where to go like I can.  We went into a store and there were other greyhounds there and then there were even more.  I knew then that she was not taking me back.  We met some other humans and they rubbed my ears.

Then the good part started.  Mom walked me to a part of the store where they had lots of toys.  She showed me the ones that squeaked.  She let me pick out some of them and I helped her carry them back to our area in the store.  Mom bought 5 toys so I thought I had hit the jackpot.  I must have been really good to deserve that many new toys. 

When we got home, mom took the toys out of the packages and put them on the floor.  My foster siblings started picking them up.  They have some toys of their own so I did not understand why they were taking all of my new ones.  I picked them up as soon as I saw them put them down and placed them in my kennel.  I laid down and started squeaking away.  Squeaking the toys makes me sooooo happy.  My foster brother, Murphy, kept coming in my kennel and taking some of them out and into the yard.  Mom would throw them for him and both of us ran after them.  However, I faked him off.  When I got the toys, I took them back to my kennel for later.  We did this several times.  I finally gave up and let him have one of my new toys. 

I had a nice dinner and a short nap.  I am having fun squeaking again.  I don't understand why mom said I cannot sleep with my toys.  She said something about tthe noise keeping her awake at night.  But she did promise to give them back in the morning when we wake up.

All in all, another good day with my foster family.

Settling in my foster home.

This is Asia here (aka CTW Marianna).  I was picked up by my foster mom and dad on Thursday evening.  We took a ride for almost an hour to a house.  When I first got there I thought I was going to be the only dog because my mom and dad took me into the back yard where I did not see any other dogs.  Then they made me put my muzzle on.  One by one, they introduced me to their children - Heifer 11 year old greyhound gal, Leona 9 year old greyhound gal, Murphy 4 year old greyhound boy and Zeus 11 year old lab boy.  We all spent a little time in the backyard so I could do my pottying.  Mom and dad brought me in the house and showed me my new kennel.  It had some really fluffy down blankies in it but I was hungry.  They made me a nice dish of food and I ate it all.  I pottied again and it was bed time.  I fell asleep knowing everything was going to be ok.  I wondered where my foster mom and dad were during the night but stayed quiet because I did not want to wake them.  My two foster sisters were next to me in their x-pen to make me feel safe.

Yesterday evening I got to spend a bunch more time with my foster family.  My foster brother plays ball.  I thought about it but decided it would be more fun to take his ball when he dropped it and put it in my kennel for safe keeping later.  When my family was sitting outside on their covered patio some strange sounds started happening.  I heard them say it was called thunder.  No one else seemed concerned about it so I wasn't either.  They've got alot of comfy beds in the house for us but I've decided that these hardwood and tile floors they have are very cool to my coat and like to lay on them.  I've also decided to be the very best girl that I can so I can get a forever home soon.  I've made sure that I haven't pottied in my kennel or in their house - not even once!  They've had some good smelling food in the house too but I haven't tried to get on their counters either.

Mom said my profile said I didn't like small dogs.  I saw two miniature Schnauzers on the other side of our fence.  They did not look like they'd be fun to play with so I just ignored them as well as the bunny that was outside the fence this afternoon.  My mom is going to ask Mr. Herb if we can visit his dogs in person so she can see if I really don't like them.

I really like to follow my foster mom and dad around so they will know how much I love having a foster family and they will know how much I will appreciate a forever family.  However, my foster dad left on a business trip to Alaska today for a week.  I will miss him but I will follow my foster mom around more to make up for his loss this week.

My mom says it is taking too much time for me to type with my big toes and she will help me do this again in a few days so I can tell you more about me.  I know I am beautiful because I saw another one of me in the glass on the door and she was beautiful too.


Marianna had a great week.  Her handlers worked on her commands in different locations and she did really well.  She got plenty of socialization with other handlers and did her commands for them as well.  Marianna is curious and likes to sniff at everything.  Her temperament is awesome and she is pretty much the Queen of all Divas!  She loves to run to the toy box and will at times put her whole body in the box to find what she wants.  She is very friendly and well loved.  Marianna has brought smiles to her handler’s face daily.  What a joy she is!


Marianna continues to do really great and this week spent time with other handlers to continue to socialize - they all reported that she behaved very well.  She knows all her commands with and without treats, and is improving with her “stay” after sitting or lying down. Next week her handler will be trying her commands in the busier environment of the gym to see how she does.  Marianna is getting plenty of exercise, though at times she’d rather laze around!  She enjoys playing off-leash in the dorms.


Marianna has had a great week. She has been socializing with her alternate handlers and has done well in several  different situations. She is great with everyone who has her. Her trainer says she is such a happy girl.

She knows all her commands with kibble, but needs a little work on her sit, down, and heel commands.

Marianna has been getting plenty of exercise walking down at the rec. and playing with her toys in the dorm. She loves attention, and will lie contentedly in the bed area to be groomed. 


Marianna has bonded well with her new handlers, and they say that she is a very content girl who absolutely loves playing with toys, especially her favorite stuffed, plush football.

She knows all her basic commands, but sometimes needs a little firmness of direction. She did really well going through her commands without kibble, despite some distractions.

Marianna goes outside for fresh air and exercise, but she loves the cool indoors, and would much rather play inside than outside. She loves attention and gets along great with the other dogs.


Marianna was a little timid at first with her new handlers, but accompanied one of them to the library where she works, and found it very exciting. So much so that she didn’t want to bed or sit down. She was a little distracted by the CCI lab puppies barking in the classroom next door but wasn’t at all bothered by the lab sitting near her. The next day, her other handler took her to self-study classes and, although again a little timid at first, soon lay down within a couple of minutes and relaxed.

Marianna walks well and loves to be cuddled and brushed and having her ears cleaned  She goes crazy over squeaky toys, but has no trouble with dropping a toy when told to do so. She also loves to play outside.

She is really good at doing all of her commands with kibble and now needs to work on doing them without!  Her new trainers have already fallen in love with Marianna and say she is an awesome dog - very sweet and loving...and she really likes to give kisses.


Marianna's personality is emerging and she has really started to come out of her shell.  She plays, and loves the pool and running after balls. She can play out in the field muzzle-free, with or without another greyhound, showing no signs of aggression.  

Marianna is doing well with sit, down, here, heel….and kiss!  She's working on bed and kennel, some with treats and some without. Her trainer is now starting to work on the commands without treats. 

Marianna loves people, showing no fear with any of the staff she encounters, and will roll over to show you her belly to have it rubbed. She is a very good girl.


Marianna has come out of her shell this last week. She now loves to play, and plays well with all the other greyhounds. In fact, she seems to love everyone. She shows no aggression whatsoever, and rolls on her back for her belly to be rubbed.

Marianna is learning well: she knows her name and her bed and kennel commands and is working on her sit. She likes to nest in her kennel and to lie in the day room watching TV with her trainer. In fact, the day room seems to be her favorite hangout, as it’s a great place to get the attention she loves!