"Cookie" as she is now known has been with us in foster care for about a week and is doing great! She is very playful and has adjusted well to our female greyhound, 2 dachshunds and a Chihuahua. We are working on her manners and she is making progress quickly. She isn't scared of anything like noises or new experiences and loves to check everything out. She is very smart and has a strong head on her shoulders but has no food or other types of aggression. We think she would do well in a household with another dog as she seems to be most at ease when the the others are around. She's an absolute sweetheart and doesn't meet a stranger!

Cookie's favorite sleeping position!

Cookie's favorite sleeping position!


Passion is an awesome, smart and sweet dog. Her family is going to fall in love with her. She's been a little bouncy this week, as if she senses change is in the air. This little girl knows all her commands, including extras such as jump up/off, lap, and paws up/off. She needs more practice responding to here outside (does it great inside) and needs encouragement on stairs. Though she can get excited, she's easily correctable. Passion loves to be hugged and petted. She loves everybody and enjoys being with the CCI labradors. Her handler has loved working with her.


It's been two weeks without the gentle leader and Passion is doing great with her walking now. If she starts to walk too fast, her handler just says her name and tells her easy and Passion slows back down to her side. This girl has made so much progress. Though she can still get a little excited, she responds well to correction. She knows all her commands and will do them anywhere for anyone, in the hopes of a final treat after her training! She gets on well with all dogs but she really loves the CCI labs. Passion plays great outside and in the dorm. She loves everyone and is afraid of nothing (except yard equipment!). She's a fun, smart and loving girl who just makes you smile all the time.


Passion has had a very good and productive week. She's walking much better - now without the gentle leader her handler had been using with her. She's done so well. This sweet girl knows all her commands plus extras such as paws up/off, lap, on/off jump table and shake. Areas still to work on are stay and stairs. She's also still being trained to pay attention to the here command outside. Passion is very smart and easily excitable - everyone loves her. She does so great with people and dogs alike. She plays really well, running off leash chasing balls outside and also having fun inside. Though excitable, she corrects easily. Her handler loves her very much; Passion makes her laugh and keeps a smile on her face. It's been a joy getting her ready for her forever home.


Passion has had a very good week. She had a weekend switch of trainer and was so good and lovable. She did all her commands for the alternate trainer. Her regular handler has been working on heel walking. This playful hound gets excited easily but she does correct easily, too. She plays great off leash and in the dorm. She does her commands really well in a closed area, especially if kibble is involved, but her handler is still working with this play-loving girl on her outdoors response. Passion does very well with other dogs and is great with people. Everyone loves her and says hi to her before they say hello to the handler! She's very funny when she roaches in her kennel; she'll watch people walk by from her upside down position. She's an awesome grey.


Passion has a great personality and keeps a smile on her handler's face. She's a sweet, smart, spunky and funny girl and very loving. She is lively and doesn't stand still long if you stop to have a long conversation with someone - she's playful and energetic and puppy-like. Passion is doing well on her commands and has learned sit, down, advanced heel, paws up/off, wait, shake, bed, up/off the jump table and lap. She's still cautious on the stairs and her handler is also focusing on her walking on leash, which has really improved with fewer distractions. This playful girl loves to run around outside and also really enjoys the other dogs. She adores people and is a favorite on the compound.


Passion has made very good progress this week. She is improving on her pulling. This very loving and very happy girl is playful and energetic. She does great playing off leash; when you throw a ball for her, she will take off after it and then run around and lie down. She especially wants to play with the CCI dogs, taking a play stance and wagging her tail at them. Passion loves everyone and really enjoys lots of attention. She knows her commands and she smiles at you the whole time. People are always asking about her - she has many admirers, and her handler says Passion has her heart and keeps a smile on her face.


CRT Passion is so sweet and funny; she always seems to have a smile on her face. This week she's been practicing heel walking and wait. She's lively and needs work to be more consistent. Passion does almost all of her commands: sit, stay, down, advanced heel, paws up and off, jump table, bed and lap. She plays great off leash by herself or with another dog; she mainly loves to chase balls. She gets excited when the CCI labs are around and wants to play with them. Passion has a great personality and is very lovable.


CRT Passion has had a very good week. She's been doing very well with her commands: sit, down, advanced heel, kennel and bed. This girl is very smart and will readily do her commands for other residents as well. Some pulling on leash and the wait command are the current tasks for her handler to work on. Passion is a very sweet and loving dog. She's almost always smiling and loves to roach, which delights everyone. She plays really well off leash, especially with a ball and she gives up her toys without any fuss. Though she gets on well with other dogs, she seems to prefer people. There's still a lot of puppy in her as she bounces around with her tongue hanging out and smiling. It's been exciting to watch her improvement just over this past couple of weeks.


CRT Passion has had a very good week. She's very smart - it only took her a couple of days to understand sit. Her handler is focusing on heel walking and wait as she tends to pull towards interesting smells. This girl is so sweet and loving and also funny. She smiles all the time and when she roaches in her kennel, she will watch everyone walk by with her head upside down. She makes her handler laugh; just when she thinks she won't love a grey more than her last, the next one proves her wrong! Passion got to play off leash this week and she loves balls. Her handler keeps this energetic hound busy, saying that a tired dog is a happy dog. Passion is going to make her new family smile, laugh and fall in love.

3/10/13 - First impressions

CRT Passion is a very sweet and loving dog. She was great at intake, standing quietly while her toes and ears were checked, and did very well with her bath as well. She is such a beauty and everyone who sees her is awestruck and falls in love with her. On her second day she spent time in the rec, where her handler works, and they did some practice on heel walking to get her used to the leash. CRT Passion gets on well with the other dogs and she loves people. She is full of energy, very playful and has fun with toys. Beautiful and smart, she is also very affectionate and readily gives kisses. Her handler is so looking forward to getting her ready for her forever home.