Layla is very excited about entering a new chapter of her life with you and your family. She's been told all about the new and unfamiliar things she's going to encounter, and just as she has done since the moment she arrived at the prison, she is ready and willing to meet all of these things head on.

Layla's handler cannot stress how really great of a dog this girl is. She arrived there quiet and loving and is leaving the same (well maybe not as quiet, as her favorite command is "speak" now).  Only the occasional cold front brings out another side to her personality. She'll get a frisky spurt and be transformed into a barrel-racing quarter horse (they haven't got the heart to remind her she's a retired racing greyhound) and will do 360s on the leash. It's quite funny to see, but considered unacceptable behavior, so a stern "no" will bring her back to greyhound reality.

Any environment will suit this sweet "grandma", as they've nicknamed her, just fine. There have been days when she's spent 6+ hours outside with her handler walking, exploring and playing at rec and also days where they have lounged on blankets, snacking on kibble and peanut butter. She has no qualms about either lifestyle and will adjust to whatever you choose for her.

Either way, her handler promises that you will never regret picking Layla to share your life with. She is the greatest dog in so many ways. Treasure her as she will treasure you and all the love shared between you.