Layla's exceptional qualities are immediately obvious even the first time people meet her.  She makes quite the first impression (always positive) and captures your heart, spirit and soul from then on!

All of her evaluations have been pretty much perfect every week. As she is so receptive, she is often selected to pair with newer team members to help build their confidence in working with the dogs. Her appointment book is always full!

Layla gives things up nicely and has no trouble with toys, food or treats around people or other dogs. She socializes really well with the dogs in the other programs. While really laid back and calm, she also has a frisky and playful side and when enticed, she loves to demonstrate her mastery of the "speak" command.

Layla's new family is just going to fall for her, hook, line and sinker. She has made many, many friends and will be leaving them with plenty of happy memories of her and all the fun times they have shared with her.