Hello everyone!  My name is Layla (known also as Grandma by my closest of friends) and I am here today in place of my handler to let all of you know why I would be an awesome pick for a potential adopter.

I won't go too much into my physical appearance since my mug shot is readily available for anyone to view it, but I will add a few tidbits that I think may have been overlooked during my intake process.  For starters, I not only have loonngg super model legs, but I also have a fantastic smile to accompany them.  My breath may not be the greatest, which I believe is a result of food choices, but my fun-loving personality totally makes up for it!!

I can and will easily adapt to any environment you bring me into.  Are you a morning person?  Do you want me fed and walked before 6 a.m.?  Yeah, I can totally comply with that.  Would you rather feed me breakfast at 9 a.m. and potty me right after?  I'm sooo cool with that.  If you want to sleep, I want to sleep as well.  If you're ready for some energetic play time, then I'm your girl.  I may be approaching 5 years of age but I can cut loose like any of those young-ins out there!

Have I mentioned my high learning capacity?  If you are willing to take the time and get to know me, while providing the same tasty snacks in the process, then I will be more than willing to show you all the great things I have learned with all the nice people here.

I am very sweet, extra loving with no attitude towards anything or anybody.  I would really love a chance to show you how perfect of a selection I would make for your family and home.