Layla's inmate is having difficulty finding material to write about for Layla's blog because she is absolutely such a doll who has no issues whatsoever.  She's gentle, loving, calm, obedient, and listens very well.  All qualities one would want in their Greyhound.

Each week her inmate is approached by several others asking to take Layla for a contact (this is where the inmates exchange Greyhounds to provide them with experiencing different people and surrounds to mitigate future separation anxiety).  She always returns with excellent reports from the inmates.  This last Friday Heather took Layla to class with her.  Heather is an instructor for one of the classes in Education.  When Heather turned her attention to her students (and away from Layla), she discovered her voice.  She barked at Heather until the attention was back on her (attention in the form of treats). 

So, "grandma" as she has been dubbed at prison, apparently does not like to be ignored and cut off from snacks.  Who knew?

Her handler did the same "ignore" tactic at Vet Tech class that evening and sure enough, Layla's tail started swirling, she went into a bow and let loose her version of "PAY ATTENTION TO ME".  It is very funny to witness, especially since Layla spends the majority of her day laying down or napping.

She sure loves her food and will now inform you if you cut off her training before she is ready to quit.