Layla has had another enjoyable week at the facility. As her personality emerges more, she's shown some very cute expressions of occasional delight at things, either twirling in a 360 or staying really low to the ground, almost hopping into you. It's a new and very different side to the usually laid back, "retired" greyhound she has been until recently.  Her temperament/disposition hasn't changed at all. She's still very calm and good-natured towards her peers in and outside the dorm. Her training continues to go well.  In addition to all the basics, she knows jump (useful for getting up into a car, for example) and lap (resting her head on your lap) and is beginning to learn belly, all still with a lure for now.  At least twice a week she goes with her handler to the office where she works and lies on a blanket in a little space with labs lying nearby; she does great. Layla doesn't need a lot of exercise; she's a passive princess, very low maintenance, and will be super in any type of home environment.