Layla is an exceptional dog on every level. She works well and socializes with different people each day, demonstrating that she will be obedient for a variety of people. Her greatest quality has to be her excellent temperament. She is extremely calm in nature, aside from her occasional friskiness first thing in the morning in chilly weather.  She will lie down in any environment she is brought into and doesn't pay any attention if someone steps over her. Training is progressing wonderfully.  She is already doing great at her 20 foot down/stay which just needs some fine tuning. The only command she still needs a bribe for is "kennel," which her handler thinks is because she feels that as she'll obediently lie on a blanket for extended periods of time, she doesn't need to go into a kennel!  Overall, Layla is an excellent choice for a forever family, and will steal your heart instantaneously.