Layla is an amazing dog. She has only been there a week and a half and her handler is already smitten with how wonderful she is.  Not only is her disposition the greatest, as well as her manners, but Layla is also a very easy dog to train.  She came in sitting already and just needed to be rewarded to learn the cue for it. She knows all the basics and is just reluctant with stairs and stay. She will have everything mastered in no time. Her temperament is what all pet owners want in their adoptive dog: calm, sweet, quiet and no signs of aggression towards anything or anyone.  All she wants to do is nap for long periods of the day, but is always willing to go on long adventures and walks with you.  She is a dream dog to walk on leash, with no issues at all.  She would be a perfect choice for any adopter, very low maintenance and with such a calm nature. Any family would be overjoyed - and lucky - to have her as their own.