Layla is such an absolutely great girl.  From the moment she arrived, she has been nothing but perfect. Everyone who meets her has fallen in love with her calm nature and laid back attitude. Everything that she is exposed to, she has handled with ease: staff members, their loud radios and even the fire alarm going off at 3am. She acts as if every environment she is introduced to is nothing new, different or stressful. Crowds and loud noises give her no problem, and she will settle down on a blanket in the middle of the surrounding chaos.  Layla is especially good around other dogs: her fellow greyhounds, the labs and the smaller breeds. She will smell, walk and mingle with them as if she has known them since birth.  Training is going very well.  Already she has mastered almost all the basic commands and though that is some of the time still with treats, she is expected to be doing all commands without lure or bribe in no time at all.  Layla is such an excellent tempered dog.  She is a dream come true for any potential adopter.