12/15/2013 - First Impressions

What a sweet girl Layla is!  her handler fell in love with her instantaneously when she first walked through the door with her kennelmate, Hottie. This precious girl walks so great on her lead - quite unusual for a new arrival.  She adores her peers and loves pack walking or going up to the other greyhounds and nuzzling them. One of the female greyhounds walked into her area while Layla was lying down and even stepped on her legs; Layla didn't give a single peep.  Her only minor issue is that she "talks" in a little whine sometimes, though she is doing it much less than on her first night.  This "talking" generally happens when she first goes into her kennel or when she hears movement first thing in the mornings. It's easily corrected with an "eeh eeh" and she'll go back to sleep. Layla is very, very sweet and a super chilled dog.