Layla is very excited about entering a new chapter of her life with you and your family. She's been told all about the new and unfamiliar things she's going to encounter, and just as she has done since the moment she arrived at the prison, she is ready and willing to meet all of these things head on.

Layla's handler cannot stress how really great of a dog this girl is. She arrived there quiet and loving and is leaving the same (well maybe not as quiet, as her favorite command is "speak" now).  Only the occasional cold front brings out another side to her personality. She'll get a frisky spurt and be transformed into a barrel-racing quarter horse (they haven't got the heart to remind her she's a retired racing greyhound) and will do 360s on the leash. It's quite funny to see, but considered unacceptable behavior, so a stern "no" will bring her back to greyhound reality.

Any environment will suit this sweet "grandma", as they've nicknamed her, just fine. There have been days when she's spent 6+ hours outside with her handler walking, exploring and playing at rec and also days where they have lounged on blankets, snacking on kibble and peanut butter. She has no qualms about either lifestyle and will adjust to whatever you choose for her.

Either way, her handler promises that you will never regret picking Layla to share your life with. She is the greatest dog in so many ways. Treasure her as she will treasure you and all the love shared between you.



Layla's exceptional qualities are immediately obvious even the first time people meet her.  She makes quite the first impression (always positive) and captures your heart, spirit and soul from then on!

All of her evaluations have been pretty much perfect every week. As she is so receptive, she is often selected to pair with newer team members to help build their confidence in working with the dogs. Her appointment book is always full!

Layla gives things up nicely and has no trouble with toys, food or treats around people or other dogs. She socializes really well with the dogs in the other programs. While really laid back and calm, she also has a frisky and playful side and when enticed, she loves to demonstrate her mastery of the "speak" command.

Layla's new family is just going to fall for her, hook, line and sinker. She has made many, many friends and will be leaving them with plenty of happy memories of her and all the fun times they have shared with her.


Hello everyone!  My name is Layla (known also as Grandma by my closest of friends) and I am here today in place of my handler to let all of you know why I would be an awesome pick for a potential adopter.

I won't go too much into my physical appearance since my mug shot is readily available for anyone to view it, but I will add a few tidbits that I think may have been overlooked during my intake process.  For starters, I not only have loonngg super model legs, but I also have a fantastic smile to accompany them.  My breath may not be the greatest, which I believe is a result of food choices, but my fun-loving personality totally makes up for it!!

I can and will easily adapt to any environment you bring me into.  Are you a morning person?  Do you want me fed and walked before 6 a.m.?  Yeah, I can totally comply with that.  Would you rather feed me breakfast at 9 a.m. and potty me right after?  I'm sooo cool with that.  If you want to sleep, I want to sleep as well.  If you're ready for some energetic play time, then I'm your girl.  I may be approaching 5 years of age but I can cut loose like any of those young-ins out there!

Have I mentioned my high learning capacity?  If you are willing to take the time and get to know me, while providing the same tasty snacks in the process, then I will be more than willing to show you all the great things I have learned with all the nice people here.

I am very sweet, extra loving with no attitude towards anything or anybody.  I would really love a chance to show you how perfect of a selection I would make for your family and home.


Layla's inmate is having difficulty finding material to write about for Layla's blog because she is absolutely such a doll who has no issues whatsoever.  She's gentle, loving, calm, obedient, and listens very well.  All qualities one would want in their Greyhound.

Each week her inmate is approached by several others asking to take Layla for a contact (this is where the inmates exchange Greyhounds to provide them with experiencing different people and surrounds to mitigate future separation anxiety).  She always returns with excellent reports from the inmates.  This last Friday Heather took Layla to class with her.  Heather is an instructor for one of the classes in Education.  When Heather turned her attention to her students (and away from Layla), she discovered her voice.  She barked at Heather until the attention was back on her (attention in the form of treats). 

So, "grandma" as she has been dubbed at prison, apparently does not like to be ignored and cut off from snacks.  Who knew?

Her handler did the same "ignore" tactic at Vet Tech class that evening and sure enough, Layla's tail started swirling, she went into a bow and let loose her version of "PAY ATTENTION TO ME".  It is very funny to witness, especially since Layla spends the majority of her day laying down or napping.

She sure loves her food and will now inform you if you cut off her training before she is ready to quit. 


Layla's progress at the prison has been nothing short of excellent.  She arrived without any significant issues or anxieties anyway, but everyone has seen a really great dog emerge from the quiet girl who arrived here in December. With the cold weather, they haven't been getting as much outside time as usual, but that seems to be OK with Layla.  She is extremely content lounging inside or napping in her kennel.  The first official evaluation took place this past week and Layla did exceptionally well.  Her favorite part-time babysitter from another dorm was the one who put her through her commands - without kibble - for assessment.  Her handler is so proud that she did so well.  She's been saying from the start that Layla is a very smart girl, and this sweet hound keeps proving her right at every testing stage along the way.


Layla continues to be the perfect companion. With the very cold weather this past week, they have been staying indoors in the mornings and Layla absolutely loves this. She's an excellent walking partner, but her preference is to stay inside, lie on her pallet and be fed kibble!  A couple of the dorm residents love to spoil her! Training is a breeze with this smart girl. With 5-day a week training outside at rec, she is improving with her proficiency tremendously. Even if you haven't got a treat, she will respond, especially if you engage her interest and make the training session fun and positive. Not enough great things can be said about this sweet girl.  Her forever family is going to be overjoyed at how great a dog she is.


Layla is a perfect girl. She has earned the nickname "Grandma" because of her calm nature, laid back attitude and sweet disposition. Anyone who works with her or socializes with her has nothing but great things to say and report back.  Training is going very well with this smart girl. She is responding to commands now without kibble rewards. She loves to engage with people who interact with her, especially if you don't mind making a fool of yourself, as she enjoys when you make training fun.  The more you look like an idiot, the better! Going down stairs was an issue before, but she is doing so much better now, only very slightly cautious. Layla is an excellent companion, full of unconditional love for anyone who meets her. 


Layla has had another enjoyable week at the facility. As her personality emerges more, she's shown some very cute expressions of occasional delight at things, either twirling in a 360 or staying really low to the ground, almost hopping into you. It's a new and very different side to the usually laid back, "retired" greyhound she has been until recently.  Her temperament/disposition hasn't changed at all. She's still very calm and good-natured towards her peers in and outside the dorm. Her training continues to go well.  In addition to all the basics, she knows jump (useful for getting up into a car, for example) and lap (resting her head on your lap) and is beginning to learn belly, all still with a lure for now.  At least twice a week she goes with her handler to the office where she works and lies on a blanket in a little space with labs lying nearby; she does great. Layla doesn't need a lot of exercise; she's a passive princess, very low maintenance, and will be super in any type of home environment.


Layla is an exceptional dog on every level. She works well and socializes with different people each day, demonstrating that she will be obedient for a variety of people. Her greatest quality has to be her excellent temperament. She is extremely calm in nature, aside from her occasional friskiness first thing in the morning in chilly weather.  She will lie down in any environment she is brought into and doesn't pay any attention if someone steps over her. Training is progressing wonderfully.  She is already doing great at her 20 foot down/stay which just needs some fine tuning. The only command she still needs a bribe for is "kennel," which her handler thinks is because she feels that as she'll obediently lie on a blanket for extended periods of time, she doesn't need to go into a kennel!  Overall, Layla is an excellent choice for a forever family, and will steal your heart instantaneously.


Layla is an amazing dog. She has only been there a week and a half and her handler is already smitten with how wonderful she is.  Not only is her disposition the greatest, as well as her manners, but Layla is also a very easy dog to train.  She came in sitting already and just needed to be rewarded to learn the cue for it. She knows all the basics and is just reluctant with stairs and stay. She will have everything mastered in no time. Her temperament is what all pet owners want in their adoptive dog: calm, sweet, quiet and no signs of aggression towards anything or anyone.  All she wants to do is nap for long periods of the day, but is always willing to go on long adventures and walks with you.  She is a dream dog to walk on leash, with no issues at all.  She would be a perfect choice for any adopter, very low maintenance and with such a calm nature. Any family would be overjoyed - and lucky - to have her as their own.


Layla is such an absolutely great girl.  From the moment she arrived, she has been nothing but perfect. Everyone who meets her has fallen in love with her calm nature and laid back attitude. Everything that she is exposed to, she has handled with ease: staff members, their loud radios and even the fire alarm going off at 3am. She acts as if every environment she is introduced to is nothing new, different or stressful. Crowds and loud noises give her no problem, and she will settle down on a blanket in the middle of the surrounding chaos.  Layla is especially good around other dogs: her fellow greyhounds, the labs and the smaller breeds. She will smell, walk and mingle with them as if she has known them since birth.  Training is going very well.  Already she has mastered almost all the basic commands and though that is some of the time still with treats, she is expected to be doing all commands without lure or bribe in no time at all.  Layla is such an excellent tempered dog.  She is a dream come true for any potential adopter.

12/15/2013 - First Impressions

What a sweet girl Layla is!  her handler fell in love with her instantaneously when she first walked through the door with her kennelmate, Hottie. This precious girl walks so great on her lead - quite unusual for a new arrival.  She adores her peers and loves pack walking or going up to the other greyhounds and nuzzling them. One of the female greyhounds walked into her area while Layla was lying down and even stepped on her legs; Layla didn't give a single peep.  Her only minor issue is that she "talks" in a little whine sometimes, though she is doing it much less than on her first night.  This "talking" generally happens when she first goes into her kennel or when she hears movement first thing in the mornings. It's easily corrected with an "eeh eeh" and she'll go back to sleep. Layla is very, very sweet and a super chilled dog.