"Superman" Kent is really going to be missed. This boy has transformed with the loving care and training he's received over the past 10 weeks. He's very smart and has mastered extra commands including sit pretty and lap. He gives kisses unbidden! He can get a little excited when asked to stay but if you are firm with him and put him back in his command, he will hold it until you release him. This boy gets along with all the dogs but prefers to play ball with his handler one on one. Kent loves people and is affectionate, happy, playful, easy going, loving and friendly; he's wonderful.


Due to the rainy weather, Kent spent much of the week indoors. He was able to hang out and play with the other dogs in the dorm. They all had a great time and played very well together. Kent is a very well adjusted hound and adapts well in his environment. He's been the easiest dog to train. The whole dorm loves "Superman" and people are always asking to do commands with him, sit with him or play with him. He loves everyone. Kent's new family are in for a wonderful and happy relationship with him. He will always endeavor to make you smile at least once a day! 


Kent has had yet another really great week. He spent every day outside walking, playing and enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. The outdoors is Kent's best environment; he loves going for long walks or chasing a ball around the field. Kent did well in his handler exchange this past week - won some new hearts! He excels at his commands and responds to every verbal cue as well as knowing the hand signals. He's a bit of a foodie and his handler is working on redirecting him when he sniffs around for tasty finds. Kent is a great boy; he's energetic, happy and playful and brings a smile to everyone's face.


Kent is such a wonderful, happy and playful boy that he brings joy to whoever he's with. He's become known across the compound as Superman. This week Superman spent time with his alternate handler and she really enjoyed her time with him. Not only is he sweet, but he loves to please. He excelled in his commands and showed such confidence in himself. Kent is so much fun. He listened well to his alternate while playing and roaming round the dorm, always paying her attention. The dorm residents say he is too cute. Whoever gets this boy will have an amazing joy in their lives.


Kent is a friendly, outgoing, happy, playful, loving, affectionate, wonderful dog! He's very smart and picks up commands in minutes. This past weekend he spent time with alternate handlers in another dorm and was a wonderful companion, paying good attention to his commands and all the time very lovable and very calm and sweet. He's very easy to take care of. Kent is good with people, he loves the ladies in the dorm and with new people he may be a little cautious at first, but will approach anyone to be petted. He's friendly with all the dogs, big and small and plays well. He is also calm while being groomed; he really enjoys having ears and teeth cleaned. Baths are another matter as he doesn't like water! Kent is such a happy boy and is a joy to be around.


Kent has had another great week with his handler. She finally found a toy Kent will chase outside, a small red squeaky toy that he loves. He hadn't wanted to chase anything till now, so she's very excited. He plays and runs and when he finishes and is panting, it looks as if he's smiling at you; it's so cute! Kent is doing wonderfully with his training. He knows sit, down, advanced heel, wait, bed, shake, and pretty boy. Stay is still a work in progress. He's also learning lap. This week Kent spent some time with another handler and she completely fell in love with him; it's hard not to! They spent time at recreation, cuddling in the dorm and at church, where everyone loved on him.


Kent has had a great week. He's come so far since he arrived and has turned out to be a happy, well-adjusted boy. He's doing very well with his training as he's incredibly smart and able to pick up commands very quickly. He knows how to offer his paw to shake and will do it in response to "shake" or to "nice to meet you"! His handler thought it would be fun to teach him both as he's such a smart hound. She's also started working with him on lap and on pretty boy, where he sits up on hind legs - it's very cute. Outside on the field he hasn't been very interested in running but does love to roam around and explore. His assignment to an alternate handler this weekend went really well; she even gave him a nickname: "Superman" as his name is Kent. 


It's been a really good week of training for Kent. His list of commands mastered without treats includes sit, down, here, advanced heel, bed, wait and kennel. He's a really smart hound and will do anything to make you happy. He's also started working with a couple of alternative handlers. His first time in the education area across the other side of the compound with them he was shy but as it took him a little while to adapt to the dorm and to his regular handler, this was to be expected and she will continue to work with him to be more comfortable socializing in new environments.


It has been a really amazing week for Kent. He's made tremendous strides in his confidence and his handler is so impressed with his progress. This boy is now walking, running and playing in the dorm with no fears of the floors. Training began this week and Kent is a very smart and responsive hound. He was sitting on command by the end of the first training day. He will also do an advanced heel and his handler has started to work on the down command with him. Kent is a wonderful dog and his handler is enjoying getting to know him.

3/10/13 - First impressions

Kent is a handsome, friendly and affectionate boy. When he arrived, he was nervous of the shiny floors and so his handler right away worked on that with him, enlisting the help of some of the other greys in the dorm who are confident. Kent has made amazing improvement in just this short time and will now walk around the entire dorm with his head up. His handler is so proud of him. Outside he is more confident: he loves people - walks right up to them to be petted and is fine with being hugged. He's also very friendly with the other dogs he's met at the compound. Kent is a very sweet boy and is going to do great.