Doing Great!!!

Hi All!

I just wanted to give you an update on Faith. She is still very sweet. She is wonderful on walks and has no trouble with stairs, (which can't be said for every greyhound, including my Gracie). She still takes her time to warm up to people but once she does she follows you everywhere. She got through a few thunderstorms without any signs of stress, the never ending rain hasn't dampened her spirits. She does like to run in my fenced yard, after she's been in her crate awhile but she's done in a matter of minutes.

Here is a picture of her snoozing away with her foster sister Gracie, I know they are both brindle beauties, so just to clarify Faith is on the blue blanket.

And as you see, she gets along great with other greyhounds. 

Well that's all for now, Have a GREAT DAY!!!


Foster Care

Hi All,

I just wanted to let everyone know that this little darling is now in foster care for a bit waiting to find her forever family. I'll be posting new pictures of her and updating you all on her progress. You may even hear directly from her a little later.

Just like in her prison blogs, she was certainly shy at first. However, its just been two days and she's starting to really warm up to me, my family and friends. She's immediately got along with my greyhound Gracie, her foster sister. Faith is a real sweet girl whose fond of nice calm quiet people and places; she also loves her naps.

Until Later,

Faith's Foster Family 


The 10 weeks at Gadsden have been transformative not only for Faith but also for her two handlers. All three have worked so well together and it's been a wonderful experience. This shy little hound has become so funny, happy, proud, confident and affectionate. Her handlers have had a lot of joyful days with Faith, with many laughs as well. She is the real definition of greyhounds having a Second Chance at life and both handlers are so thankful for this program and the way it not only helps the dogs, but them as well.


Little Faith has changed so amazingly since she arrived. She was so timid and is now out-going, goofy, happy and fun with everyone she has come to know. Unsure at the beginning, she's a proud girl now and prances everywhere. She has never shown any aggression at all. Though she doesn't join in play with the other dogs, she enjoys being with them and wags her tail in excitement when around her doggy friends. Her two handlers both feel they and Faith have all three benefited so much from working together. They are just so happy with how far Faith has come. It's been a wonderful journey for all of them.


Faith learned a new trick called visit this week; she will lay her head on your lap and looks so cute! This girl is smart and does really well with her commands. She's also really improved going down stairs. She has the most perfect face, says her handler. All greyhounds are beautiful, but Faith has captured her handler's heart; her dear face, her little floppy ears and puppy dog eyes, her tiny nose and muzzle and the pattern of her brindle are all just adorable. She can give anyone "the look" and they'll want to give her the world. Faith spent a good part of her week with a different contact and they had fun playing together in the dorm and at school. This little girl loves being outside and had plenty of fun and exercise outdoors as well this week, so she was all smiles. So overall it's been a great week for Faith.


This past week Faith learned the the shake command and is so cute: now she wants to shake all the time! Her commands are going really well. She spent the weekend with another handler and did great. She comes to love people very fast. Once she spends a little time with them, that's all it takes; then she loves and trusts them. This girl will adapt well anywhere. Faith had a bath and loved it - she was very cooperative and got really happy afterwards. She is so sweet and happy and is so silly that she just delights her handler. She's a blessing and a wonderful friend.


Faith has brought her two handlers so much joy and they're very proud of how much she has progressed from that shy little hound who arrived just five weeks ago. They love working as a threesome and have a great balance in different locations and different approaches. It has worked really well for the handlers to learn and grow a lot from the experience and most of all for Faith to blossom in their care. She is such a happy and outgoing dog now and with such confidence compared to when she first set paw in the compound. She gets along well with people and with dogs, large and small, only steering clear of loud and boisterous behavior (she's a lover, not a fighter). This girl is smart and does all her commands well. She walks great on leash and enjoys jogging, too. She loves it outside, where she gets playful and goofy. She is also great company inside, lying by you as you watch TV. Faith is so sweet and gentle and is very calm yet will get playful and s affectionate. She is perfect!


Faith is awesome. She loves people and affection. She remembers people and trusts them fast. She gets super cute and happy when she sees her friends. She has fun doing her commands and catches on fast. Early on she didn't want to spend time on the rec field but now she plays off leash and runs around enjoying herself, though she doesn't like it if other dogs bark a lot or growl and steers clear. In the classroom with her handler she is so comfortable that she curls up on a blanket and goes to sleep; she even roaches at school now, too. This great girl is happy and confident and much more relaxed now, and her handlers are so proud of how far she as come in just a few weeks.


Faith is such a smart little girl and she catches on very fast with the commands. She likes the quiet life and although she can be playful and happy in the dorm she keeps to herself when there are loudly barking dogs or loud people inside. Her handlers see her continue to settle more with each day and come out of her shyness in these situations. Outside she is absolutely in her element - playful, proud and easy going. She gets excited and happy when she knows she's going out. Her handlers are both so thankful for the time they're spending together with sweet Faith and say she is a wonderful blessing.


Faith, who would not approach people on her own a couple of weeks ago, now readily walks up to be petted; she's really coming out of her shell more and more with each week! Her training is going well. In addition to doing heel, stairs (up), wait and kennel, she's started sitting and responding to bed. This girl is happier and more confident and is doing great. She is so, so beautiful - her handler loves her ears! She is fine being handled for grooming and doesn't cry, whine or bark at all. She also went through the recent thunderstorms without showing any anxiety. She went out to the bathroom in the rain and loved being dried off when she came back in. Faith is so sweet. She is starting to want affection from people and to be curious about people, noises and things instead of being timid. Her handlers love her.


Faith is so sweet. Since her nervous arrival she is doing better and is bonding very well with her handlers. She's begun training and is doing well. They're working on sit with her and she walks well on leash. She's also quick at going up stairs, but coming down is slow for now. She does very well in class, where she curls up on her bed and just sleeps. She isn't very interested yet in running loose on the field, but back in the dorms she is happy as can be being a cuddle bug. She loves to be rubbed and falls asleep and drools over her handler's leg! She is truly a wonderful dog and her handler is so excited to be working with her.

3/10/13 - First impressions

Gentle little Faith was shy on arrival but ate her dinner and slept through her first night. Next morning she went to rec and did really well walking around. After a while, a group came in to do step aerobics to loud music and this little girl didn't like the noisy stomping crowd! Later, she had a good walk across the compound to round out what was an overall good first full day. Saturday it was back to the rec a couple of times and she did very well both visits. That night this sweet girl roached for a few minutes and her handler was just delighted to see how comfortable she had already become with her. Faith is a wonderful dog, still a little shy but very curious, and her handler is really enjoying her.