Clyde here. I'm back. I was and still am a very good boy. Everybody tells me so. After several years as an only child, I found myself displaced by a newborn with a tendency to scream whenever she wanted attention. Ouch! Hurt my sensitive ears, so I made myself scarce. Can you believe my folks decided to keep the screamer and let me go? I claim species discrimination! Granted, I'm older , more self sufficient, more adaptable, and more adoptable; but what will they do when she gets older and starts screaming for her big brother? HUH?

Anyhow, my face may be a little grayer than it was. I AM a grey hound, after all.  I'm almost 7, so on my birthday can join my new foster brother,Fonzy, who's not usually  a screamer BTW, and Mom P as official Senior Citizens.Don't worry, my new vet says I'm looking good and should have lots more healthy years ahead.  We play a little and chase the occasional bird,squirrel, or chipmunk around the backyard; but mostly lie around napping here at the Retirement home. I can handle that. 

If you'd like to meet me, I plan to attend the monthly Smyrna Meet and Greets starting next month. After that, we might check out the new one in  McDonough. That will be a little further down the road, both literally & figuratively.