The Vet's Office

Hi All!

I went to the vet for a regular check up and I got to ride in the car. I'm very good at riding in the car. I know I'm suppose to lay down in the back seat, so I won't fall over in case of quick stops and turns. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my foster mom is a bad driver; its just that I've got such long legs that if I were standing the littlest turn would send me tumbling off the seat. 

Their were many nice people working at the vet's office, they thought I was very handsome and well behaved. It was a little boring because we had to wait awhile for tests results. So they gave me a squeaky bone to play with. Of course, the test come back all good. I'm a very healthy boy. And I took a very long nap when we got home, trips to the vet are exhausting.

After my nap, we visited a friend's house. They have long porch stairs going down to the back yard and my foster mom was very pleased when I had no trouble with the stairs. Gracie hasn't figured out the stairs yet, she just stood at the top and waited for me to come back up.

So as you see, I'm a healthy playful pup, that has no trouble with stairs and loves car rides! Don't I sound like the perfect addition to your family?

Till Next Time, woof!

PS - I'll be at PetCo in Cumming for the Meet & Greet this Sunday, March 10th starting at 1:30pm - my foster mom says we may have to leave before its over so be sure to stop by early so you can meet me.