AKA Corey

Hi All!

I had a blast at the Meet & Greet so many friendly people to meet and I got to hang out with my greyhound buddies. I did show off a little performing sits and downs for treats also that the little dogs wandering about didn't phase me a bit. I did just wanted to make sure there wasn't any confusion, I go by Corey now, sometimes my foster mom forgets to tell people my racing name is Oneco Clyde and that's how it is on the website, but that was me at the Cumming PetCo. It was lots of fun and I slept most of the way home. Corey is a great name and I'm use to it but if you have a better one and forever home waiting for me...I'm willing negotiate for treats.

Till Next Time! Woof!

Corey aka Oneco Clyde