The Best Doggie Bed

Hi All!

I wanted to tell you all how much fun I had at the Meet & Greet, it was a blast. I got to hang out with other greyhounds and meet so many nice people. I know someone will want to give me a forever home soon!

Until then, I'm settling in well at my foster home, still loving the squeaky toys. And I'm told I have very good manners; I go to the back door when I need to go out and I'm very good at sitting before I eat. My foster mom is working with me on waiting, I'm not sure I understand her point to waiting but I do try very hard to please. I sit for the food and then she puts the bowl down asks me to wait, until she says 'okay' then I get to eat. I'm getting better and she never makes me waits longer than a couple of seconds. 

Now about the Best Doggie bed, there are two very comfortable doggie beds in my foster mom's room and that's where Gracie and I sleep at night. However, there is one that is better (my foster mom doesn't understand why this one is better, they look the same to her but it is, trust me) I try to get there first, but last night Gracie got there first, I tried to share but it was a little small for both of us because Gracie's a bed hog and wasn't moving, so I went to the other bed. Oh well, maybe I'll get there first tonight.

Of course, I know my forever home has an even better doggie bed than this one waiting for me because I'll be home at last.

Have a great week!