Happy Easter

Hi everyone,

Man!  That lady I live with sure is a computer hog.  Let me tell you what I've been up to since last week.

We went for a long ride on Thursday.  That's ok because I really do like to go for rides.  Our reward when we got there was a big, fenced yard!  Floody and I got to run and play, it was great.

I got to meet the rest of my foster Mom's family, too.  My foster cousins are two little wiener dogs.  I hate to admit this, but I'm afraid of them.  They barked and barked at me and I hid behind my foster Mom.  Floody doesn't seem to care;  I think he's brave.

I went to doggie daycare again on Saturday.  I so love it there.  My human playmates introduced me to another dog.  We were very good with each other, we ran and played.  I got to play fetch too.  They brought out a 'stuffie' for me to play with and I was very confused.  I really wanted to chase the ball but I didn't want to put my 'stuffie' down!  I love to play and the day care girls love to play with me.

I have learned to stand by the front door with Floody when it is time to go out.  That is the mannerly thing to do in this house.  I used to think it was a game to run around in circles, but she didn't think it was a game, so now I wait.  I am also learning to wait for my food.  That isn't always easy for me, but she makes me wait until my food is in my bowl.  When she asks, "Are you hungry?" I run donuts in the family room!  I do enjoy meal time.  She is also keeping me trained on my commands, so I don't forget all the hard work from our Partnership Program.

Let me tell you about my foster Mom.  I think the old girl has lost her mind!  She keeps calling me the wrong name.  Now, what's so hard about Corey, I ask you?  Sometimes she just looks at me for the longest time before she speaks.  I wonder what's going through her head.  You never can read their minds.  I hear she had another foster dog before me and maybe that's why she's confused.

Happy Easter and Passover to you all.  It is a beautiful day.  Maybe I can talk the lady into taking Floody and I to the park later.

Roos and happy tails,

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)