Companion Profile


I am tall, dark and handsome!  I am physically fit.

I'll enjoy long walks by your side.  I also have a playful nature and will entertain you with my love of play.

I am content with quiet evenings or long rides to new adventures.

I have good manners and will try very hard not to embarrass you.  I don't get on the furniture and I sleep peacefully on my comfy bed in my kennel.

I like meeting new people so you can take me anywhere and I'll fit right in.

I am very good with children, a bit shy at first but I am gentle.

I am affectionate, but not pushy.

I am not a picky eater, I even like my veggies and fruit.   I like my treats and will show you all the commands I've been taught.

I am very good in the house, no accidents day or night.

I am willing to bet that I am the boy of your dreams!  Won't you contact SCG and give me a loving home where I can be your loyal companion?

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)