Corey @ Doggie Daycare


I just get to experience new things all the time.  Saturday I went to doggie daycare at Sugar Hill Animal Hospital.  I learned that going to the vet isn't all bad!  Floody and I got to hang out together all day with the daycare girls.  Best part?  They have tennis balls!  They hit them with a racket so I could chase them and bring them back; I love to play fetch!  I'm curious about the doggie swimming pool, so next time we're going to try that.  Maybe I'm a water dog too.

Floody and I got pedicures too; well, we got our nails trimmed anyway.  I really like going there.

I have mastered the stairs at my foster home.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of getting into the back of our CR-V, but I'm trying.  I love to go for a ride and I'm very good in the car; so it won't be long now before I'm able to get in there all on my own.

You know?  Life as a dog is very different from being an athelete.  But I have to say I do like going for long walks, going to the dog park and relaxing.

So!  Check me out.  I'm a happy, playful boy that just wants a forever home with YOU.