Sweet Corey

Hello again,

Last weekend we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers.  We were there both Saturday and Sunday.  I loved being with the other greyhounds that were with us in our tent.  But let me tell you, I really enjoyed all the attention!  So many people stopped by; big people, little people; they just came right in and talked to me and petted me, it was heaven!

I have been to the dog park twice.  Let me tell you, I love chasing a tennis ball.  Unfortunately, my foster Mom throws like a girl, so I didn't have to run very far but we sure had fun.  Here I am in all my playfulness (aren't I handsome?).

So, won't you take a look at me and maybe tell SCG that you'd like to have me come live with you?

Until next time,

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)