Introducing Clyde (Corey)

Hi everyone,

I am now in a very strange and wonderful place; a house.  I've never seen or smelled so many things.  My foster Mom let me stiff and check everything out and my new foster buddy, Floody was very welcoming.

They called me 'Corey' when I was with my trainer and I definately answer to that better than Clyde.

The picture here is of me resting after a long stressful day yesterday.  First the hauler, up from Florida, then into one car with a lot of other greyhounds, then into my foster Mom's car for the ride home.  I spent a very quiet night in my kennel with a comfortable bed.

This morning after breakfast we went for a walk.  I'm so excited to experience new things.  When it was treat time I showed what I could do, sit, down;  I'll show off the rest once I'm settled a bit more.

Guess what?  I now go up and down the stairs like a pro!  My foster Mom works upstairs and if I want to be with she and Floody I had to figure them out, so I did.

I'll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival Saturday and Sunday at the International Horse Park in Conyers, so stop by and say "Hello".

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)