Clyde here. I'm back. I was and still am a very good boy. Everybody tells me so. After several years as an only child, I found myself displaced by a newborn with a tendency to scream whenever she wanted attention. Ouch! Hurt my sensitive ears, so I made myself scarce. Can you believe my folks decided to keep the screamer and let me go? I claim species discrimination! Granted, I'm older , more self sufficient, more adaptable, and more adoptable; but what will they do when she gets older and starts screaming for her big brother? HUH?

Anyhow, my face may be a little grayer than it was. I AM a grey hound, after all.  I'm almost 7, so on my birthday can join my new foster brother,Fonzy, who's not usually  a screamer BTW, and Mom P as official Senior Citizens.Don't worry, my new vet says I'm looking good and should have lots more healthy years ahead.  We play a little and chase the occasional bird,squirrel, or chipmunk around the backyard; but mostly lie around napping here at the Retirement home. I can handle that. 

If you'd like to meet me, I plan to attend the monthly Smyrna Meet and Greets starting next month. After that, we might check out the new one in  McDonough. That will be a little further down the road, both literally & figuratively.

What Storm?


Corey's foster mom here, I just wanted to share that even though there were severe thunderstorms recently, Corey couldn't have cared less. The thunder really started to get going right around bed time and sleep was far more improtant to him then than the weather, he looked up once and then went straight to dreamland. My Gracie was the same, greyhounds really do treasure their retirement.

Corey really is a sweet boy and loves to play, he keeps going well after my arm ties of throwing the ball/toy/anything that squeaks. He still walks wonderfully with me and Gracie around the neighborhood, and is friendly to everyone he meets. I have struck up many conversations with neighbors because I had them by my side. 

Till the next time!

Hello Again,

Sorry its been awhile things have been going great. The Meet & Greet was fun, though someone in the store kept squeaking the squeaky toys and I really wanted to go play with it, but there were people to meet, possibly my forever family, so my foster mom got me back on track.

My foster mom says she would post pictures of me playing, I do play alot, but she doesn't have the best camera and I'm just a little too fast for it. She'd rather post pictures of me napping, another favorite activity of mine, then posting blurry pictures of me chasing a ball. We've been taking walks, I do very well on walks and now that the weather is finally getting nice I'll convince her to take me to the dog park. 

Till Next Time, Woof!

AKA Corey

Hi All!

I had a blast at the Meet & Greet so many friendly people to meet and I got to hang out with my greyhound buddies. I did show off a little performing sits and downs for treats also that the little dogs wandering about didn't phase me a bit. I did just wanted to make sure there wasn't any confusion, I go by Corey now, sometimes my foster mom forgets to tell people my racing name is Oneco Clyde and that's how it is on the website, but that was me at the Cumming PetCo. It was lots of fun and I slept most of the way home. Corey is a great name and I'm use to it but if you have a better one and forever home waiting for me...I'm willing negotiate for treats.

Till Next Time! Woof!

Corey aka Oneco Clyde

The Vet's Office

Hi All!

I went to the vet for a regular check up and I got to ride in the car. I'm very good at riding in the car. I know I'm suppose to lay down in the back seat, so I won't fall over in case of quick stops and turns. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my foster mom is a bad driver; its just that I've got such long legs that if I were standing the littlest turn would send me tumbling off the seat. 

Their were many nice people working at the vet's office, they thought I was very handsome and well behaved. It was a little boring because we had to wait awhile for tests results. So they gave me a squeaky bone to play with. Of course, the test come back all good. I'm a very healthy boy. And I took a very long nap when we got home, trips to the vet are exhausting.

After my nap, we visited a friend's house. They have long porch stairs going down to the back yard and my foster mom was very pleased when I had no trouble with the stairs. Gracie hasn't figured out the stairs yet, she just stood at the top and waited for me to come back up.

So as you see, I'm a healthy playful pup, that has no trouble with stairs and loves car rides! Don't I sound like the perfect addition to your family?

Till Next Time, woof!

PS - I'll be at PetCo in Cumming for the Meet & Greet this Sunday, March 10th starting at 1:30pm - my foster mom says we may have to leave before its over so be sure to stop by early so you can meet me. 

The Best Doggie Bed

Hi All!

I wanted to tell you all how much fun I had at the Meet & Greet, it was a blast. I got to hang out with other greyhounds and meet so many nice people. I know someone will want to give me a forever home soon!

Until then, I'm settling in well at my foster home, still loving the squeaky toys. And I'm told I have very good manners; I go to the back door when I need to go out and I'm very good at sitting before I eat. My foster mom is working with me on waiting, I'm not sure I understand her point to waiting but I do try very hard to please. I sit for the food and then she puts the bowl down asks me to wait, until she says 'okay' then I get to eat. I'm getting better and she never makes me waits longer than a couple of seconds. 

Now about the Best Doggie bed, there are two very comfortable doggie beds in my foster mom's room and that's where Gracie and I sleep at night. However, there is one that is better (my foster mom doesn't understand why this one is better, they look the same to her but it is, trust me) I try to get there first, but last night Gracie got there first, I tried to share but it was a little small for both of us because Gracie's a bed hog and wasn't moving, so I went to the other bed. Oh well, maybe I'll get there first tonight.

Of course, I know my forever home has an even better doggie bed than this one waiting for me because I'll be home at last.

Have a great week!




Meet & Greet - Buford Petco

Hello All,

I'm back! Unfortunately, it just didn't work out and I was thoroughly assured I did nothing wrong. It just wasn't the right fit. So I will be at the PetCo in Buford, tomorrow February 24th, from 2-4pm looking for my forever home.

I am super friendly. I just got here and am getting along great with my new roomie, Gracie, who has allowed me to share her bed and toys for a bit till I find my forever home. I love playing with toys, especially squeaky ones, so I've included a picture of me with Gracie's pink dragon.

We went for a walk and my new foster mom was very pleased with me. Yes, I'll admit I did pull a little in the beginning; there is just SO MUCH to see and smell but with a little reminder I remembered how to heel and walk nicely by her & Gracie. 

Hope to see you tomorrow at PetCo!

Meet & Greet Time

Did you miss me last Saturday at Paw Fest?  Oh, don't worry, you can come see me at Woofstock this Saturday, 12 May at the Suwanee Town Center Park.  I'll be there from noon until after 2.  You don't want to miss Woffstock, it is greyt fun!

I've added a smiling picture of my handsome self so you'll know who you're looking for.  Second Chance Greyhound folks can answer all your questions about what it is like to have a greyhound in your life.  We may be big, but we are gentle, playful, quiet, good with kids....pretty much, we're perfect!

Hope to see you there.  I'll bet I'm the hound of your dreams.

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)

Hooking Up

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let all of you know I will be a Paw Fest in Lawrenceville this weekend, if you're interested in meeting.  I'm sure my profile (below) stirred your interest!

Come out and see me.  I'll be hanging around the pavillion, Booth R2 in the Ozoro Meadows section of the park.

If you miss the chance to see me this Saturday at Paw Fest, mark your calendar for the following Saturday.  Woof Stock will be at the Suwannee Town Center.  If I'm not in a serious relationship by then you can stop by and meet me there.

Can't wait to meet you!


Companion Profile


I am tall, dark and handsome!  I am physically fit.

I'll enjoy long walks by your side.  I also have a playful nature and will entertain you with my love of play.

I am content with quiet evenings or long rides to new adventures.

I have good manners and will try very hard not to embarrass you.  I don't get on the furniture and I sleep peacefully on my comfy bed in my kennel.

I like meeting new people so you can take me anywhere and I'll fit right in.

I am very good with children, a bit shy at first but I am gentle.

I am affectionate, but not pushy.

I am not a picky eater, I even like my veggies and fruit.   I like my treats and will show you all the commands I've been taught.

I am very good in the house, no accidents day or night.

I am willing to bet that I am the boy of your dreams!  Won't you contact SCG and give me a loving home where I can be your loyal companion?

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)

Splendor in the grass

Its me again,

I did talk the lady into taking us to the dog park yesterday.  Boy, did we have fun.  Floody ran and played and I got to go in the private area so I could play fetch.  I got hot and thirsty, so on when my muzzle and into the big play area we went.

I was very, very good.  I wasn't afraid of the other dogs and the puppy that was there was friendly and cute, so I was friendly and cute too.  I met lots of nice people, too.

Today instead of a long walk I thought it was better to lay in the cool grass and chill in the sun.

That's all for now.  Enjoy this beautiful day and I hope to meet you soon.


Happy Easter

Hi everyone,

Man!  That lady I live with sure is a computer hog.  Let me tell you what I've been up to since last week.

We went for a long ride on Thursday.  That's ok because I really do like to go for rides.  Our reward when we got there was a big, fenced yard!  Floody and I got to run and play, it was great.

I got to meet the rest of my foster Mom's family, too.  My foster cousins are two little wiener dogs.  I hate to admit this, but I'm afraid of them.  They barked and barked at me and I hid behind my foster Mom.  Floody doesn't seem to care;  I think he's brave.

I went to doggie daycare again on Saturday.  I so love it there.  My human playmates introduced me to another dog.  We were very good with each other, we ran and played.  I got to play fetch too.  They brought out a 'stuffie' for me to play with and I was very confused.  I really wanted to chase the ball but I didn't want to put my 'stuffie' down!  I love to play and the day care girls love to play with me.

I have learned to stand by the front door with Floody when it is time to go out.  That is the mannerly thing to do in this house.  I used to think it was a game to run around in circles, but she didn't think it was a game, so now I wait.  I am also learning to wait for my food.  That isn't always easy for me, but she makes me wait until my food is in my bowl.  When she asks, "Are you hungry?" I run donuts in the family room!  I do enjoy meal time.  She is also keeping me trained on my commands, so I don't forget all the hard work from our Partnership Program.

Let me tell you about my foster Mom.  I think the old girl has lost her mind!  She keeps calling me the wrong name.  Now, what's so hard about Corey, I ask you?  Sometimes she just looks at me for the longest time before she speaks.  I wonder what's going through her head.  You never can read their minds.  I hear she had another foster dog before me and maybe that's why she's confused.

Happy Easter and Passover to you all.  It is a beautiful day.  Maybe I can talk the lady into taking Floody and I to the park later.

Roos and happy tails,

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde) 

Corey @ Doggie Daycare


I just get to experience new things all the time.  Saturday I went to doggie daycare at Sugar Hill Animal Hospital.  I learned that going to the vet isn't all bad!  Floody and I got to hang out together all day with the daycare girls.  Best part?  They have tennis balls!  They hit them with a racket so I could chase them and bring them back; I love to play fetch!  I'm curious about the doggie swimming pool, so next time we're going to try that.  Maybe I'm a water dog too.

Floody and I got pedicures too; well, we got our nails trimmed anyway.  I really like going there.

I have mastered the stairs at my foster home.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of getting into the back of our CR-V, but I'm trying.  I love to go for a ride and I'm very good in the car; so it won't be long now before I'm able to get in there all on my own.

You know?  Life as a dog is very different from being an athelete.  But I have to say I do like going for long walks, going to the dog park and relaxing.

So!  Check me out.  I'm a happy, playful boy that just wants a forever home with YOU.



Sweet Corey

Hello again,

Last weekend we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers.  We were there both Saturday and Sunday.  I loved being with the other greyhounds that were with us in our tent.  But let me tell you, I really enjoyed all the attention!  So many people stopped by; big people, little people; they just came right in and talked to me and petted me, it was heaven!

I have been to the dog park twice.  Let me tell you, I love chasing a tennis ball.  Unfortunately, my foster Mom throws like a girl, so I didn't have to run very far but we sure had fun.  Here I am in all my playfulness (aren't I handsome?).

So, won't you take a look at me and maybe tell SCG that you'd like to have me come live with you?

Until next time,

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)

Introducing Clyde (Corey)

Hi everyone,

I am now in a very strange and wonderful place; a house.  I've never seen or smelled so many things.  My foster Mom let me stiff and check everything out and my new foster buddy, Floody was very welcoming.

They called me 'Corey' when I was with my trainer and I definately answer to that better than Clyde.

The picture here is of me resting after a long stressful day yesterday.  First the hauler, up from Florida, then into one car with a lot of other greyhounds, then into my foster Mom's car for the ride home.  I spent a very quiet night in my kennel with a comfortable bed.

This morning after breakfast we went for a walk.  I'm so excited to experience new things.  When it was treat time I showed what I could do, sit, down;  I'll show off the rest once I'm settled a bit more.

Guess what?  I now go up and down the stairs like a pro!  My foster Mom works upstairs and if I want to be with she and Floody I had to figure them out, so I did.

I'll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival Saturday and Sunday at the International Horse Park in Conyers, so stop by and say "Hello".

~Corey (aka Oneco Clyde)


Clyde is great with people, he loves everyone. He is approachable by all the trainers and staff. He has no sleep startle issues or separation anxiety. Even though he loves to be around and loved on by all, he will keep himself occupied for hours with a few good toys. He just loves to play and throw his toys in the air. This energizer bunny also loves exploring outside. If he gets too hot he really enjoys to be hosed off with cool water. Even though he is full of energy he is very good about taking verbal correction. He will make a wonderful companion if given the chance.


Clyde is a very fun loving, carefree boy. He just can't get enough of the toys. He loves to play and will stay occupied as long as he has a few good toys with him. It gets no better for him then when his trainer plays toys with him. He is excitable with the toys but never aggressive. Clyde likes long walks, lots of love, and his favorite treat is his kong served with peanut butter inside.