Charming Soul has certainly undergone such a transformation since arriving at the prison in March.  She has a beautiful coat of fur as well as a few pounds on her frame which have added to her beauty.  There have been no medical concers with her at all - she has done very well in all areas.

This girl loves people.  She will approach anybody looking for a scratch and pet (or a treat).  Her sense of smell is keen.  She'll smell someone she likes a mile away!  This is when she belts out a song - howling, grumbling, until she gets your attention.  She plays well with other dogs, however, she doesn't like it when another dog takes a toy away from her.  I don't blame her!!

During her stay in prison Charming Soul was often allowed to run on the puppy field which she enjoyed every time.  She loves to jump and run around!  Most days were spent outside walking, jogging, and playing with others.

Training her was very easy.  She's always willing to please.  She knows all of her basic commands (sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed, stairs, wait, kiss, kennel) along with "tell me" to get her to sing.  She does "off" and "on" the jump table.  The stairs are one of her favorite things to do.  She'll go up and down several times.  Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  With a little time and a pocket full of kibble, Charming Soul will do just about anything for you!

Enjoy her!!


Soul is extremely affectionate and loves people. She sings to greet them and loves all the attention. All of the people love her and will line up to get hugs from her. She loves to play fetch but of course she goes all out and and tires easily. She knows all of her commands and is very eager to please. She is ready to graduate and can't wait to come home to her family.


Soul has become the new trainers' mascot. She is so smart and easy going that all the girls that want to work with the greyhounds have been using her at the tryouts. She is enjoying all the extra love, attention, and of course treats. She definitely knows all of her commands, she can even do them in her sleep. She has had some down time and enjoyed playing on the recreation field with the other greyhounds. She does enjoy a good romp every now and then. She is looking forward to meeting her new family.


Soul is just an awesome girl. She is so smart that she was very easy to train. She has learned all of her commands and is doing great with the new girls learning to be trainers. She made them all look like pros. She has an amazing people pleasing attitude and is just a joy to be around. There is not an aggressive bone in this girls body. She is looking forward to coming home.


Soul has a great singing voice. She has recently started to greet the officers with tail wagging and singing. She can't decide if she want's to try out for "The Voice" or "American Idol". She has a wonderful disposition and listens very well. She can be off wondering and when you call her with the "here" command, she comes to you promptly. This happy girl will have her forever family wondering how they ever lived without her.


Soul is very observant and is quickly learning her commands with little to no effort. She needs very little instruction and figures things out on her own. She is one smart cookie. She loves to jog with her trainer and enjoys being active during the day. She likes to get to go to class with her trainer and gets along great in any environment. She has not quite figured out the puppies but over all does great with other dogs. She is an excellent companion.


Soul is so eager to please that she is just naturally picking up commands. She is very social and does great with all the other dogs. She loves to take long walks and walks great on a leash. She is so responsive that she can be playing with the other dogs, but when her trainer calls she stops and comes right away. She will be a great addition to her forever home.


Soul is very smart and is a self starter. She will wait until released by the command let's go. She is sweet and lovable, and approachable by all. She has no fear or aggression toward people or canines. She loves long walks and is an excellent heeler. She is already doing down with just a hand signal. This girl is very eager to please. Her trainer says she is just a joy to work with.


Soul is such a charming young lady. She is friendly, outgoing, and fearless. She loves attention, hugs and kisses from all. She isn't sure of the wading pool but enjoys the great outdoors. She is so good playing with her toys and will drop the toy when told "drop it"; she also will allow you to take the toy from her mouth without any complaints. She is so easy to work with and just a pleasure to be around. She will make her new owners very happy.